So to change things up around here we yanked out the over grown bushes that were covering up the house (pic of what it looked like last time we lived here)
And then of course there has been our favorite fall activities........wood hauling....


And canning pears!
We started school and have had some fun learning days---we had star wars day where we had to free some friends from biocarbonite!  

Today we built Jamestown forts and watched Pocahontas!

And of course we added another member to our family--Paige is Chase's new bestie! The responsibility of having a dog is so so sooooo good for my boys! 

And that is fall so far! 


My thoughts on social media.......

Okay so I think this is going to be my only form of social media--I have been on a facebook/instagram fast for the last week and a half and I can honestly say that I am enjoying the freedom of not knowing what everyone is doing--everyday--or minute depending on the person! I also have found that I enjoy the moments with my kids more because I am not "posting it". I do love this blog though--in a--this is my journal sort of way.

We have moved--we are back in Kamas and are loving every minute of it so far--some ways it feels like we never left and in a lot of ways it feels like we are totally different people than we were two years ago when we moved to South Ogden. Joe is changing careers again and we hope that this can become our forever hometown. Plus the kids have informed us that they are done moving!!!


Chaser, Robby, Pedro, Sparticus......

All names of which Chase answers to!

Height: 4'11"
Weight: 86.2 lbs.
Foot Size: 7 

       Food: Stromboli (Homemade)
       Treat: Twix
       Soda: None or all, depends on how you look at it!--Chocolate Milk or Hot Chocolate
       Fruit: Strawberries
       Veg: Potatoe
       Ice Cream: Mint Cookies N' Cream
       Toy: Nerf Guns
       Video Game: Anything Mario
       Game: Battleship
       School Subject: Physical Science
       Holiday: Christmas
       Color: Turquoise
       Movie: Inside Out
What a serious, sweet kid! He amazes me daily with his knowledge about the world and sometimes always lets me know how I can make things perfect! He keeps me in line and on track, I love him for it--even though it can really frustrate me. He is a perfect shopping companion(if you are trying to stay on budget) and list tracker, honestly I would be a mess without him! Love him so very much!



This boy is 11!!! He has grown up so much over the past year--and is one-of-a-kind! His sense of humor, teasing, and all out goofiness are the best--and we laugh all the time! He is caring and considerate, he loves fiercely and is equally loyal. He is himself always--thinks, acts, speaks, and does things exactly how he wants to--and thankfully now that he is home schooled he has the freedom to do that! I love him so immensely! This past year Joe and I have really stepped back and allowed James to have more control over his life and decisions--hands down the best decision we have ever made as parents--James has proven that he is capable, strong, and intuitive about how he lives his life--he asks for guidance when he needs it, and accepts that sometimes the answer is no. I am so very proud of him and the choices he makes!

Some facts about James--on his 11th Birthday--
Weight--108 lbs
Foot size--9.5 in mens!
       Food: Chinese
       Treat: Giant Lollipops or Marshmellows
       Soda: Fanta Mango
       Fruit: Mango
       Vegetable: Potatoe
       Ice Cream: Ice cream sandwiches
       Toy: Pogo stick, roller skates
       Video Game: Mario Kart 8 (thanks, Jewel!)
       Game: Chess
       School Subject: Science
       Holiday: 4th of July
       Color: Gold
       Movie: Trolls (such a cute movie, he was the first one to clap when it ended in the theater, then             he got up and started dancing--love this kid!)
Happy Birthday James!



Yesterday Joe had a conference in Provo so the boys and I tagged along! He has been so so so busy at work the last couple of weeks and we have not had much family time so it was good to ride down together! While he was in his meetings the kiddos and I went on a LONG walk in Provo Canyon.

I love fall and the temps were perfection--it was so nice--even if I ran the truck out of gas and had to have the Highway Patrol help me out--oops!


September went by in a flash--I had some medical issues that had me down for the count for a week or two but now I am much much better! In fact, I feel better now than I have for years!!! We did some fun things--a field trip to Golden Spike and watched my nephews on two different Fridays--so it has been busy but SUPER fun! Here's the pics to prove it!


Labor Day Weekend!

Or should I say Lagoon Weekend--we had a very generous friend give us four tickets to Lagoon so we went on Saturday and had the best time! The boys are so so much braver than when we took them to Disney World several years ago--and I was brave too and rode a ride that I have been scared of since I was 11 or 12!! We really had such a great day--no whining or fighting it was beautiful!

Then on Monday--Joe's sister offer three tickets to Lagoon for the boys and Joey--they had so much fun on Saturday that they could not pass up the opportunity to again! Thanks for the great day Enoch, Ethan, and Owen!
I spent Labor Day up in Kamas at my parents--I needed to return the smoker we borrowed and stayed to help my mom can green beans and played croquette with my sister and her husband--SUPER good time--we spent a lot of time laughing :)