Hello Nemo!!!!

We decided to get the boys some fish--they named them Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, and Dory--their faces were too cute not to show them all so hope you enjoy the slide show.

I also love the way James says fish--if it's one fish--it's a mish--if it is all the fishies--it's sissies.


So I have tried several times to get the ABC video to upload on blogger--but it just won't--anyway you can follow this link to watch the video on youtube. Hope you enjoy! :]



Joe's Turn

Amanda informed me that today would be my day to write the family blog. Not having any previous experience, this should be an exciting journey for all of us. Last week seemed to fly by. It was full of fun and excitement as we sat together watching Michael Phelps and Nastia Liukin win Gold Medals. Every time swimming was on Chase would walk through the room mimicking which ever stroke was being performed. When the gymnasts took the floor both of the boys would frolic and tumble on the floor doing their very best to figure out how these people were doing such magnificent things with their bodies. One of my favorite moments was when Michael Phelps barely won the gold in the butterfly. As we stood and cheered Chase yelled "oh man common" in his little voice. I wish you all could hear him he changes between what we lovingly call his red rum voice, and his normal voice. They were both very adorable.


Trying to catch up!!!!

So I will attempt to catch up on all my blogging?!?!? We will see how fast that happens?

One of the days I was in Kamas we decided to go to SLC and visit the children's museum--so JoHanna, Mark, and I took the kids--one 4 yr old-two 2 yr olds-and a 6 month old--sometimes I think we like to torture ourselves--but it was actually not to bad. The kids had a blast climbing all over things and throwing balls. (I was enjoying knowing I didn't have to clean up the mess :] )
James in his--don't make me leave pose.

James decided to take control of this particular section of the ball room--kids would come over and try and use the vacuum tube--he wasn't mean--he would let them hand him the ball and he would put it in the tube--and let them see how cool it looked as it shot up--so he couldn't really understand why they got upset :} he was just trying to help?

Chase of course loved anything that looked like it was supposed to move! He and James both have a recent fascination with airplanes and helicopters--so this particular section was a big hit--if only the mean kid would have taken turns in the cockpit?:(
I love Kades face in this picture--and notice his feet--he has a good lift off goin' on!!! If only the little girl hadn't blocked my picture :(

But the kids favorite part of the day was the water fountains outside--Chase loves the water--and was not afraid to put his face right in the line of fire!!!!! He had so much fun--especially when the played the music and the fountains would dance to the music --Happy day kids happy and tired~~mom happy and tired too!


We made it----------

We are home safe and sound--now all I have to do is--clean a house that hasn't been in five weeks--unload a car and trailer--try to get my groceries built back up--do all the laundry--take care of the kids--and husband--and maintain my sanity--gotta love the post-vacation torture!!!!!!! After I get all that done--I might have time to get a decent post up :)