is something we run short of around here--so yesterday when we had to wait oh about 4 minutes for Joe to meet us for dinner--we I mean I had to hurry and think of something to entertain my ever so patient children--so they have truly discovered their vain side and wanted to take pictures--so we did--isn't technology a blessing--and a curse all in one--ignore the tired mommy and just look at my cute boys--so handsome and growing up far to quickly!!!


New Addition!!!

So to re-cap the last few days--we will just say--

Saturday was spent preparing for a new addition.

Sunday was spent playing with the new addition.

Monday was spent rearranging to make room for the new addition!

So with out further ado----the new addition!

I love it--the kids love it--and we couldn't be happier to play on it all day!!!! Thank you so much Lewis family-it will be treasured for many many years!


Tonight we went to a movie Planet 51--it's pretty cute (but had some adult humor and I just don't get why they have to throw that junk in a kids movie?) We also went out to dinner....all in celebration!--you see it's KIDS DAY at our house and we are celebrating our family--two years of wonderful, crazy, hard, happy, funny, exciting, eye opening years as a family--we are so grateful for the opportunity that we have to have these boys in our lives-the miracle it is to watch them grow-the true and pure love that we feel for Chase and Jimmy--it's everything we hoped and prayed for!

We love, appreciate, and honor their birth-mom and her family for giving us this incredibly amazing opportunity.


So today we had a visit from Jimmy's teacher. We talked about the progress he has made in school. she mentioned his progress in all areas, but especially in his behavior. She said he has not had a tantrum for several weeks. She also gave us a few ideas of some things we can possibly do to help him improve even more with his attitude and ability to play with others. We're so thankful for his teachers and their patience with our little Jimmy. He is so full of life and loves to play and she has created the perfect environment for him to learn while he plays. She also mentioned some activities that would help both the boys work and play with others. Apparently they have sports teams and leagues designed to help kids interact and play together at their young ages. We look forward to sitting on the sidelines and cheering them on.

January 20,2010

Today was Joe's Birthday--he is not such a fan of celebrating his birthday so we kept it really low key--the boys however love birthdays and were so excited to sing to their Dad!

In other aspects of the day it was one of those days best described as--"crying over spilt milk" both figuratively and literally. Long long day for mom!


Why can't I sleep--2nd night in a row--awake for no reason? Why oh why can't I sleep?

Okay so random things from today--

woke up at 3:45 couldn't go back to sleep
went to the YMCA for Body Pump
got the kids off to school
ate what I thought was a healthy choice for lunch turned out to be a calorie BOMB!
found some great deals on some clothes for both Joe and I
bought the kids new tennis shoes
bag of skittles exploded all over the kitchen
listened to Chase count out 100 skittles for school
watched our fav Biggest Loser
felt guilty (because of my lunch) while watching our fav and did push-ups and sit-ups during commercials
Slept for 3.5 hours! I'm tired I want to sleep?!!?!?


In the middle of cutting up some chicken for dinner--Jimmy decides to play the drums (my bum) and sing me the following song--"fly like a bird, swim like a fish, scratch like a monkey, jump like a kangaroo, dance like a boy" ooohhh he is so crazy fun!

scratch like a monkey hahahahaha!
Sometimes I am all about a routine and sometimes I can't keep on a routine to save my life--I haven't decided what today is yet--

And here is a picture of us on Christmas eve at a friends house--not the best pic but one worth documenting!

Sunday January 17, 2010

Today was pretty lazy. We went to church this morning--Chase refused to wear shoes, but went anyway(pick your battles right?)--then naps in the afternoon and Sunday fries with the gang in the evening--pretty good day!

Saturday January 16, 2010

Well it felt like as soon as I closed my eyes the alarm went off--and I was up getting ready to head back to the church--only today I didn't have any responsibilities--other than guiding those who stayed at my house back to the church--so I was ready to go at 7:45 to get on to the church by 8. Well the girls at my house either didn't care or over slept because when I came out of my room they were just getting up--so it was the sit around and wait game until about 8:30 when we finally left--they just made it in time for the last of breakfast! The meetings were great and very inspirational I was glad I was able to attend and hope that the youth were glad too! I did skip out on the last two hours because I missed my boys! So it was about 1:20 when I got home.
It was so hard leave them this morning especially when Chase told me that "Mom doesn't need to go a church she needs to stay with Chase for a few mimits(minutes)" and when Joe was giving me the pouty face--and Jimmy ran out to the car just to give me one more hug and kiss! I felt very loved and guilty at the same time so I am glad I came home just a little early!

Friday January 15, 2010 See I told you not to hold your breath!

Well Friday I spent about 5-6 hours making some refreshments for the Youth Dance that night. While I was doing that Joe surprised the boys by getting them their first fishing poles! They had a lot of fun in the backyard casting their spools of thread--I mean bait--and reeling them back in again!

At about 5:30 I headed over to the church to help get things set up and start putting out refreshments--which I continued to do until about 10:30, then it was clean up and then guiding the youth that were staying at my house back home--we ended up with about 6 young women and 2 leaders--not bad but not in bed until 1--long day and my body ached from being on my feet literally all day.


So what are we doing on a Thursday night at 10:30? Why we are vacuuming out couches and chairs in preparation for a dozen or so youth to stay at our house tomorrow night--gotta love multi-stake youth conferences!!!

(for those un-aware of what a multi-stake youth conference is--it is a church activity for all youth 14-18 from several hundred miles around to come and visit and learn gospel related principles)


This week at school Chase has been the star student--he gets to be the class leader and do other class jobs--he has been so so so excited--today I got to go eat lunch with him and read a story to his class and listen as he told them all his favorite things and about his family and friends--he did such a great job and I discovered that he is quite the little class clown--he loves to make the other kids laugh--they all love him and that makes me really happy. He did tell his class that his favorite food is tacos?!?!? anyone who has witnessed the picky-ness of Chase's eating knows that tacos wouldn't be anything close to something he would try let alone love! He also told them that his favorite place to go is school--his teacher was very happy about that! I am so glad that he is able to attend school and love it so much--I am also glad that he has so many wonderful teachers who help him to continue to progress and improve! Yeah for our star student!
And on a side note--I decided to bring him his fav--chicken and fries from McDonalds and they wouldn't let me take it in the lunch room--I had to put it in a brown paper bag in order to let him have it--why I am not really sure?


Sometimes you can wear your shirt all day and not realize how totally awesome it is!! Ahh-the things that make a 4 year old really happy!


Guest blogger Joe! (this should happen more often)

Tonight during family home evening the activity was to help us understand that though we are all different we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. The boys were asked to point out the differences between them and what makes them special. They both did an amazing job. It was impressive to hear the things they came up with . Jimmy informed us that he gets to go with mom while Chase goes to school. Chase mentioned how he gets to go to school all day while Jimmy only goes half the day. Sometimes I am surprised by their ability to comprehend or rather the fact that they actually get what we are talking about! I can't believe how fast they are growing up.


No picture today just a funny from church--

I was sitting in the all adult Sunday school class today--I rarely go seeing how someone from the Primary (childrens sunday school) usually comes to get me to help settle Jimmy down but the normal time had come and gone where they come so I was listening intently to the lesson. When all of a sudden the door to the class flew open and I hear an ever so familiar voice yell--"WHERE'S MY MOM"! Yep no hiding from this one--me slightly embarrassed but not surprised said "I'm over here Jimmy, shhhhh" There were a few snickers here and there but over all I don't think anyone else was surprised either--they must be getting used to our very adorable but very loud Jimmy!


Just a fun little outing to the Infantry Museum--sorry the pics aren't so good took em' with my phone.


Somedays are just flat--kinda like my banana bread :[


ahh to be the mother of boys--you know it's gonna be a good day--when you roll over and wake up to a happy smiling face!!!


Run Family Run!

So tonight Joe and I decided to go for a run--got everybody bundled up cuz it is freezing here in the south--coldest I have ever been here!--Went to load up the strollers only to find that all ALL the tires were flat.--So we thought maybe we would just go for a walk as a family--got to the trail and then all of a sudden the boys said lets run--so we started running and we ran--and ran--and before you know it we had run all the way around the 1 mile trail--I was really surprised and proud of my boys--however in the last 10 feet Chase took a third tumble and this one hurt poor guy

--and just for those who were wondering or have forgotten what a temper tantrum looks like here you go!!!!

It was really fun to do as a family and we hope to make it a frequent thing--never to early to develop good excersize habits!



Do you ever dream--like I dream of owning my own cookie shop one day--I also dream of eating whatever I want, not working out, and still looking like I did in high school. I dream of being more outgoing--nicer to those I know and those I don't--I dream of being the do it all and never seem tired kind of person! Basically I dream of being Mary Poppins--"practically perfect in every way."

Then I wake up to reality and realize that baking cookies for my kids just because they want some is enough of a dream for me!



Our Chaser loves to sing--especially in church--in fact we have to give him his own hymn book so he can sing--and he does not share!! Today he decided to imitate the chorister by waving his arm--he did pretty good on his own but then I helped him to get the beat right and so we lead the song together--all 3 verses--and when he had finished singing he proudly proclaimed "I DID IT" and so he did--Chase loves music of all kinds and musical instruments! And if you are lucky enough to hear him when he is alone in his room or when he thinks no one is listening, he sings everything he is thinking and doing--right now in his room I hear him singing to/about/for his transformers--what a sweety!!


And Mom and Dad........

can hardly wait for school to start again!
Yes it's been one of "those" days!
Cleaned their rooms x3
cleaned the kitchen x2
cleaned the family room x2
and we are still slightly sane.



Well today we woke up to Jimmy as usual turning on all the lights in the whole house--because if he is up shouldn't we all be up--oh and it was 6:30--perfecto! Anyway I didn't want to just hang out at home all day so we decided to go for an adventure ride! Joe typed some random city into the GPS and then selected an attraction that was nearby--so happens it was a State Park in Alabama called Boldan Springs State Park--it was 3 1/2 hour drive but we thought we have all day it will be fun to go--so we load up in the car and start the "adventure"

We get there around 3 only to discover that not only is it pretty run down--but there are no springs to be seen and the only thing even slightly adventurous about this park is an old metal slide and merry-go-round!! Let the adventure begin!!

We did however see a bridge as we crossed the Choctaw river so the boys were in heaven! They are so great they didn't even complain about the long drive for such a lame adventure :)

Still all that time in the car with just us, our little family is the best adventure of all! We are so lucky to have each other!