For Amber-----Candy Cane tree 2011

4th Annual Candy Cane Tree!
This year we had to move to a higher location--due to Ollie!

Links to years gone by--2010--the other links are on that post :] enjoy!


January 3 2012

Tonight I made--mashed potatoes with hamburger gravy--a dish that ALWAYS reminds me of my Grandma Walker--(who by the way is 90 and still cooks for herself and my 92 year old Grandpa)--I go back to being 6 again--peeking over the back of the stove as she made the gravy and hand mashed the potatoes (I hand mashed mine tonight--yum)--as I sat down to start eating--Jimmy took his first bite and said "Mom --you're skillin' it up--like a chief!"  He always has a unique way of putting things. 
Between today and yesterday where I made smothered burritos (reminds me of the Keddingtons) and Apple Crisp (reminds me of my Mom and Dad) I think I officially miss my family!