the plan.....

We had a plan--a plan to move with Joe's job to Indiana--we were very excited by this plan.   We love love love our church family there! We found lots of little farms that we could see ourselves living on and working for the rest our lives! We  purchased things and worked and tried to make this plan work. Our plan was set----then----our house wouldn't sell in GA--Joe's job kept getting more and more demanding--it started to turn cold and our little home (a camping trailer, one of the purchased items) just isn't built for a full winter in snow!?!?!?! 
That is how life always seems to go--just when you have a plan, it CHANGES.  SO we did the unexpected--we moved to Utah--and it feels right--not perfect--but right! With all this going on I haven't had much time for this blog--but maybe we need a change here too? We are excited to be by our families once again and excited the boys will be surrounded by sooo much family!
We are taking it ONE day at a time--hoping and praying for the best!