Just because.........

Just because he is so darn cute I can't stand it!!!!!!!

Forever Grateful

To a woman with more courage--and strength--than I could ever hope to have. You will always be a part of our family, we feel like the luckiest people in the world to be able to raise your boys--our boys. Every time I look in their eyes I will see a part of you, and say a prayer of gratitude for this tremendous oppurtunity. We could not ask for a greater miracle in our lives--Chase and Chance already have all our hearts. We love them so dearly and can't imagine loving anyone more. Please know that you will always be spoken of with the most respect and love in our home. I know this may sound a bit like rambling--but when you can't find the words, you just say whatever is on your mind--so here it is!! We love you Jewel.


Sunday's are Lazy

Today we woke up and got ready for church--we lazed around until about 10:30 when we headed out to try and find the church building--after church we decided to go exploring and headed off down the road--we had a great time driving throught the tunnel on H3. After our driving adventure we came back to the hotel and put on our Aloha wear and headed off to Sally's house where we had dinner--So our day was pretty much just a lazy hazy sunday.


Yesterday was all about the water!! Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I LOVE the water--although I think my love of the water pales in comparison to that of Chase--everytime you pass any kind of water--he wants in. We played and splashed and played some more.

And then.....................

We crashed!!!!!



What a firecracker!!! Chance is so full of energy--but the first thing I need to say about him is this--somewhere at sometime--someone, told me his full name was Chandler--so I have been calling him by this name for the last two days--Yesterday when we had dinner with Jewel, I called him this--and I thought she kind of gave me a funny look--but then I thought I was just over analysing things--so I didn't think about it much. Then later that night we met with Sally the caseworker--and I called him Chandler then too, and she said--you mean Chance don't you?--You mean his full name isn't Chandler?--No it's just Chance--Boy don't I feel like a silly mommy!!! So thank you Chance for being so very patient with me--as it took me two days to learn your real name :)


We fell in love with this face the moment we first saw a picture of Chase--what we know about him now makes our hearts melt even more. He is so very sweet--he loves to jump on the beds and tackle Joe--and just giggles giggles giggles. He loves his brother, and it shows, last night they would chase each other around the room and then without warning would both face plant it right into the bed--Yesterday Jewel asked us how we felt when we first saw the boys--I found it hard to put into words exactly how I felt--how do you describe all your wishes coming true? I would say we instantly fell in love with them at that moment--but the truth is we loved them before we ever saw them. Joe and I have always been the type that when something feels right--you just jump in with both feet--and don't look back. When it's right it's right. That's how it was with these two wonderful boys.


This is our first attempt at bogging and we hope we get better at it!!!