Just some cute pics!

Oh Jimmy
you keep me laughing all the time! You have such a huge personality--and I love it--your hot temper and all!

And then our cutie pie Chase--
we will just call this one REVENGE! So proud of yourself--you finally trapped James, and he thinks it's just a game!! What he doesn't know.....................



About three weeks ago we decided that it would be fun to go camping--we have some friends with some land and we got their permission to use it--we were so excited for the boys first real camping experience--until we saw the weather--it was supposed to be rainy that friday with possibilities for severe weather--bummer.
Then Joe decided it would be fun to do an indoor camp out! Of course we had to have a tent to sleep in--and our tent is new--so can't we please set it up in the family room? I relented and the camp out was on!

The boys with their Lighting McQueen sleeping bags!

Watching a movie through the tent door--hey I didn't say it was going to be as primitive as "real" camping.

All in all we were having a pretty good time, yeah we had pizza rolls instead of hot dogs, cookies instead of s'mores, and movies instead of a fire--but it was still going well and the kids seemed to be loving it--that is until................................................................

That's right the sirens started to sound--we were under a tornado warning!!! So into the hall we went--the kids were okay with it--not to thrilled to have to get out of the "big" tent but did it anyway.

We had power so Joe was able to watch the weather live on the computer--he watched as the storm moved closer and closer......but was pretty sure we were in the clear--looked like it was going to go to the south of us.....the kids and I laid down and.............................................

they fell asleep :[

Not quite the camping experience we had in mind--but they did wake up in the tent the next morning which they thought was great fun--especially jumping on the air mattress, to wake mom and dad up!

On a side note--a week later we did have a tornado hit Columbus--it was still to the south of where we live but Aunt Bekah was in the thick of it! She was just fine but in awe of how much damage it causes in just a minute or two!



Sweet little Sister Mae from church made the boys these hats--granted she thought we had a boy and a girl--but real men wear pink anyway--and pink is Jimmy's favorite color so.....

Jimmy loved his hat so much he slept in it last night--Joe thinks it would make an cool security item, wouldn't it be awesome if he had to wear it all the time?
And Chase just loves loves loves hats!!


Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Just a little message from Chase! I hope you had a great day Momma!


Airplanes and such!

A couple of weeks ago the air show came to Columbus--we live pretty close to the small Columbus Airport so we thought that it would be fun to take the boys to look at the airplanes and watch the show--Chase and James are both really into airplanes right now--they loved getting to see all the planes and climb through some of them. I guess I should say that Joe and the boys are really into airplanes--Joe has always wanted to learn how to fly--and he has always wanted to ride in a Helicopter--so when he saw the sign for rides in a Helicopter he was all over it--but also disappointed that the boys weren't old enough to ride with him--he said it was fun--I will take his word for it since I have no desire to ride in one.

I love all these boys--I love that they love each other and have so much fun together--my favorite part of any day is when Joe comes home from work and the boys see him--they get so excited and scream "Daddy Daddy your home!" I love it!
I think Chase got a little nervous when he put the seat belt on that the plane might actually take off--with Jimmy as the pilot! I think I would be nervous too!

Wow--nice picture--but at least it is proof that I was there?!?

Mr. Cool himself--this little guy is such a crack up, he is always trying to make me laugh, and he succeeds most of the time--and yes that is a mountain dew, and yes he did drink it, and no I don't normally let my kids drink caffeine, and no he did not finish it, and no it will never happen again!!!


Because cool moms let their kids sleep in the belly of a shark!

The other day I was cleaning out the boys room--you know the routine--get rid of clothes that don't fit, toys that are broken, stuff that just gets on your nerves--that kind of stuff. When I happened upon an item I forgot I had--the SHARK TENT! The kids remembered it and wanted me to put it up--I was all for it! Then me and my sis got to talking about the stuff that makes moms cool--for instance my mom is cool because she would let us play store "with real food" in her living room on rainy days--we got to build tents--make bean bags--make a skating rink in the garage--you know all kinds of stuff that now as a mom just seems like one more mess to clean up. Then my sis said something--you know if you let your kids sleep in that tent you would be just about the coolest mom ever--well who doesn't want to be the coolest? I think that sometimes I just get too caught up in the day to day stuff that I forget that this is the time to create memories--this is the time to let the cleaning, laundry, all that stuff slide for a while. I want more than anything when my boys grow older to know how much fun I thought they were to play with--to have adventures with--to laugh with! The boys were so excited they could hardly wait for bed time because they "sleep in the shart, please" They are growing up way to fast I just want to freeze them the way they are now! Happy, enthusiastic, energetic, healthy, snuggly, wonderful little boys!