They say it's your birthday!!!!
You on your birthday last year :]

Happy Birthday Chaser-hope we can make it a fun special day!

We love you so so much!!


My Cutie Pie Chase!

My kiddo makes me smile!
Conversation with a bagger:
On our way out of the grocery store--
Chase:"you have our stuff"
Bagger:"yep, I have your stuff"
Chase:"oh, thank you, thank you so much"
Chase:"you have green coke (sprite)?"
Bagger:"I am sure your mom got you some coke"
(I didn't ooops)
A sweet gentlemen:
I opened my bedroom door after getting dressed--Chase was standing there and looked at me and said: "whoot whoo handsome boy, momma" how sweet is that?


So last weekend was wintery weather--really cold and snowy of all things--now we are in full swing of spring temps in the 70's--shorts tee's and flip-flops!! I just can't get used to this yo-yo weather. The kids love to be outside to play--I love it because it wears them out. Chase says " aaaa NO--I play toys in my loon(room)" he is still learning so well I hope that he continues to progress as nicely as he has so far! This week are going to start learning how to write!!


Oh for cute--just a couple of my boys watchin' Nascar! Chase is usually cheering but I guess he was tired because I found him curled up in his blankets on his bed--what else you gonna do on a snowy Sunday?