Remember this cute chore chart--it worked well--I loved it--the kids were as happy as any kid is with chores--well I started noticing some jobs were disappearing--just one or two--then last week Chase says "look Mom we don't have many responsibilities left--WAHOO!" 
and he was right there were only about 5 left--and Jimmy's name was completely gone.

Yep they fed their chores to the dog!


Some days......

Some days I just really wanna go home.........today is one of those days--they seem to be more frequent as of late--I long for the cool grass, cool nights--family playing games on the patio--sisters to giggle with and talk with--brothers to tease and be teased by--water fights--kids running everywhere--wearing themselves out, Mom--Dad--Grandparents--Uncle Grandpa, mountains, streams............I could go on but then I will cry.

It's been a long time--we were there in December--but it's been a long time since we moved away--over 6 years.  I wish I was coming for my usual summertime visit--but just not happening this year--I just wish I knew when I could come again...........okay, I've depressed myself enough. 

"BLOOM where your planted" keeps running through my mind--I am trying but some days just get the better of me.


Father's Day Weekend

 Saturday we worked really hard--lots of housework and yardwork--this patio used to be full of storage--I hated it, it always looked dirty and gross to me!

 So a couple of weeks ago we bought and built this. It all looks so much better!

Picture of the pool for my mom :]

Joe worked really hard clearing off the grass--yes we are still trying to get the grass to grow back here--lots of effort will hopefully pay off one of these days!

 Sunday we went to church and then went on a family picnic to one of our favorite spots!  We love this old covered bridge--it was hot, but we had a lot of fun :)
 Love these boys so much!
 Love this man so much!


Look what I found

Found these on my phone--they are from our camping trip in February!!  SO Much Fun!!  I wish it wasn't so hot so we could go again this week!!!


Overload--Random Happenings

Jimmy and Ollie

Chase and "Dr. J"
Chase's Soccer Trophy :]

The "boy's team" building the base for the new shed.

My awesome "boy's team"

Self dubbed---Measurement Man!
Pleasant Grove Alabama

Jimmy's STEPS graduation--so cute! We will miss Mrs. Hill terribly!

Proof that Mom was there--Dad was too but had to leave right after it was over.