Here's the video!

Sorry about the camera work--new camera--first time user--actually first time ever using a video camera--hopefully I will get better.  And all you Walkers should be so proud--an escort back on to the field by the ref's what a refreshing change for our family!


The Game

Jimmy's first game was Saturday!  It was so hot but he seemed to have a great time--who doesn't love a win!
I have some video of the game but blogger is taking FOREVER-so I will post later.


Jimmy's First Taste of Fame!

Yesterday they had a pep-rally for football--their first game is Saturday.  Jimmy loved it--as you can imagine--that boy doesn't have a shy bone in his body. 
If football doesn't work for him--we now know he could take up a career in dancing--especially if he uses his SWEET robot moves!



August 28th we decided to go hiking--haven't been in a long time and it was fun--it was a 3 mile hike and the kids both did really well--I love family outings :)

Crazy Jimmy

And here's your proof!!
Just being Jimmy!
Mullet Jimmy!

Showing off first football injury!
(Got kicked in the eye doing up downs) 
got up brushed himself off and kept going

The kid keeps me laughing that's for certain!

Chase and Gymnastics

Last Wednesday was Chase's first day of Gymnastics--and he LOVES IT!!  It's really cute to watch him do all the tricks and things--I think he will be great at it!  Yeah for Chase!!