Jimmy's Latest Art

As you can tell he currently is liking Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, and the Olympics.........

TrAiLer SchOOl is CooL!

Lesson plans done

Supplies Purchased

Table Desk ready

Charts up!

Kids ready

Mom Teacher ready

Now get the crazies out--because school is about to start!!!


I like it here--Reason 1!

I am trying to look at all the positives of our current situation--yes we still live in a camping trailer--yes we still have no idea what if anything is going to change that--no our house has not sold yet--yes there is record heat going on--no a small portable air conditioner cannot keep up with said heat--but I pretty much can't do a thing about any of these things--so let's accentuate the positive shall we!

New goal: a reason a week why I like it here!!

This week it was a happy accident on our part running into the Johnson County Fair parade--or as we will now refer to it--You know you are in farm country when.................................................



Every once in a while we help Joe at work {okay at least once a week} This week while helping him Jimmy found these glasses frames.  He LOVES them. He wears them EVERYWHERE! He is such a character--no shortage of personality for him--I tell ya he is gonna be a heart-breaker when he gets older. But for now he only has eyes for his Momma {and blondes of any age, and teenage girls no preference on hair color, and little Miss M from church.--oye I'm in trouble}