In a while crocadile.....................

We are leaving for Florida and Disney World this weekend---and I am not sure that we will have internet access on our vaca---so here are some happy pics--to tide you over until we return next friday :)


James and his accessories!

James loves shoes and any accessory he can find!! So I thought I would post some random snaps of him in his favorites.Mommy's shoes!
did I mention--High heels.
Daddy's shoes.
And his all time favorite--Mr. Potatoe head glasses.
I had to hid them--we were worried they would make him cross-eyed he was wearing them so much.


Two months!

It has been two months since we first met our sons--but yet it seems like they have always been part of us. Chase is learning and growing everyday--he was just sitting on my lap singing his ABC's and playing our game of "eat you up", he is sweet as pie and so caring, he loves to laugh, play, and read. James as usually is yelling mon-ee, and bossing me around, he thinks he is in charge of EVERYTHING, which is perfectly normal for being two. He is constantly asking, "What are you doing?" He loves to play, eat, and especially loves to sing. He has out grown every shoe we own--he went from a size 8 in shoe to a size 10 in two months!?! I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives, and couldn't be happier.

James says-- jfjeu3jbefvhe98podbc bbbbbbbbbbcbdbbcbccbbcbcbc3i9oxo;ex p[xsoej hqdj dhvpuvfge ned3cijuitgjnjiorvefjvvfr.

Chase says-- ncsjdcjchjcdsksxidyye8ekcdjmchjchcdjdcjhdcjxdxk,kdxjchdgywkashdkswksnjhghhjhgujhggaaawasd

they love to sit on my lap while I am working on the computer--so I thought I would let them type a little message.

I LOVE THESE BOYS----they just started tickling each other--saying tickle tickle, and here comes the tickle monster--they always laugh the hardest when they tickle each other. Life is sweet.


Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!

Birthday Morning!!!!!!

I just wanted to put up a quick post of our Handsome Chase first thing in the morning--on this his Birthday--I will put up more pictures as the day goes on!!!!


Happy Birthday Jewel!

Whenever I think about the first time I saw our boys--I think of mohawks!:)--and then I remember meeting you--your fun free spirit--and I know that, that is where Chase and James get there spunk--I don't think that Joe and I could have asked for a better birthmom for our boys--you have at times been the strength we needed--whether you know it or not! We will forever be grateful for your selfless sacrifice. Love to you, from all of us!


FDR State Park

We working on ABC's with the boys--and yesterday while we were sitting in Church--I could hear this little voice sitting next to me saying H----I----J---K with the most clearity--I looked over and Chase was looking through an ABC book and pointing to the correct letters and pronouncing them--He did almost the entire alphabet--WOW--I was on cloud nine--I don't think I could praise him enough. I don't have any pictures of this--but I couldn't help but share.

Joe's mom has been here visiting with us for the past week or so--so we have been taking her around to see the sites--last thursday we went to Pine Mountain/FDR State Park--it's the closest thing to a mountain south west georgia has--I think I would call it a hill, coming from Utah and all. But there are some spectacular views. Anyway--the boys had a great time running around and climbing on rocks--and me like always had my camera ready--we even attempted another family shot--I think that with each one we are improving a little. We are gearing up for a friend of mine that takes fabulous pictures to take some of us--practice makes perfect---right?

Sorry blogger is having some problems this morning--I will post more pictures of this later when it is working better.


Where's the fire?!?

A friend of mine from church gave us some old costumes--her boys used to wear--in the bag was a sweet surprise--I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Sunday Morning

Some cute pics of the boys getting ready for church.........................

The outfit wouldn't be complete without momma's shoes too!!!!!