For mom's birthday this year she got the most awesome present-----a swing set! COol HuH!


What a week

We spent the last week in Utah for my brother Mark's wedding. We had so much fun with all our family--I will try to get all the pictures and videos up here eventually--but I wanted to first show some pics of the boys playing in the snow--and a video of Jimmy having a sword (toy vrs. cane) fight! How many kids get to say they played and laughed with their great grandparents? I just love my grandpa and am so glad that my kids do too!

On the Snow mobile with Uncle Nate!



Last Saturday we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Savannah--now it is about a 4 hour drive each way--but we just wanted a day to spend as a family doing something fun. I have become more and more aware lately that these boys are growing up all to quickly--it's just not fair--can't they stay little forever? Anyway we spent a little time in Savannah--those pics are on Bekah's camera--but then we went over to Tybee Island and the Ocean--too cold to get in but we had fun anyway.

James had fun jumping and running and digging in the sand!

Chase had fun chasing waves!!

I love this picture of all my boys!

This is a cute picture of my little sis--Bekah--she has been living with us since August--we love having her here!!