A blog goal--don't keep your fingers crossed!

Inspired by many who have done this before--I am going to attempt a 365 project on this blog--which means I will try to post at least one picture a day of something that happened that day or something I am thinking about on that day! Today is a picture of our family when we went to Utah for Bekah and Boyds wedding. I am really missing being around all our family this holiday season--we love you all so much.


For my mom!

Mom says there are never any pics of me so here is one from today--just cuz you asked!


What were you thinking Santa?

Christmas Eve so peaceful, so quiet, so calm!

Everything nicely wrapped and in it's place!

Then the kiddos wake up--and all the excitement just boils out. Of course the star of the show was the bikes!(thanks Nene)

The boys were so excited about the bikes and their stockings they could hardly stand it!

Funny thing about stockings--Jimmy could not understand for the life of him--why I was being so cruel in not letting him wear it on his foot!
Chase's present from Santa--as you can tell pretty darn excited!!!

Love that face--nothing better than knowing you I mean Santa got it right!

Even warranted a couple of high fives from Dad!

Then it was Jimmy's turn--this is where the "What were you thinking Santa?" comes in--so excited to open it-----

Took this one look at it--and said "I don't wanna this"--awesome :( but Jimmy they are drums see watch--as I hurridly put the batteries in and turn it on for him to play--"no mom no drums I don't wanna DRUMS"--fantastic :(

So what do you want to play with--oh yeah the $3 stocking stuffer. Wahoo--and Merry Christmas!

At least someone wanted to play with the drums! :)


What to post--I have kinda been at a loss as to what to write about lately--don't get me wrong my boys are amazing but they are keeping me totally busy so I think maybe I will just type some things they are doing right now we will start with Chase

Chase is loving school and is doing great he is speaking better and better all the time and is learning so much. He has lots of friends in the school it is amazing to me when I walk in the school each morning there are always loads of kids I have never seen before say Oh Chase Good Morning! I mean kids in all different grades. He is such a cutie I don't blame them all for loving him! His favorite show right now is SUPER WHY on pbs.

Chase wanted to say "I need to say C H A S E chase! I want to play that computer--I need to finish homework. Say mom get off my computer--say the word off. I want play pbskids.org " Then totally distracted by a Christmas commercial. Oh he's back "play my computer, play my--mommy can I play black computer please." Now distracted by Myrtle. (Chase what do you want for Christmas?) "um I want a Transformer Games, um transformer cars, transformer transformer, transformer games, cars. Transformer yellow, green transformer, transformer red (anything else) um transformer blue!" Just a little obsessed I guess :)

Jimmy is so full of life--he has more personality than any kid I have ever met. He starts every day off by proclaiming which animal he chooses to be for the day and then insists on being called such for the remainder of the day--even his school teacher says to avoid any upset she calls him Jimmy Fox or Jimmy Frog etc etc etc. He always has everyone laughing and my new favorite thing is that he calls me Princess--love it! Princess can I have a treat! So so cute!!! Still stubborn as ever but such a cutie pie!

Jimmy wants to say "ummm what ummm a bunny ummm a giraffe ummm a lion ummmm a bird ummmm ummmmm a giraffe ummmm a tiger a dog superman ummmm super hero ummmmm Christmas socks heeee heee ummmmm a fox (followed by a repeat of all afore-mentioned) WHAT what you say a tree (me what do you want for Christmas) I want Christmas a for alligator Please please please please Mommy alligator--(is that all you want) Yep! (dang it I already finished shopping and no alligator was purchased!?!?!?!?)

Any way I love my boys Oh how happy they have made me!!


iT's ThAt tIMe oF YeAr!
When you put your brother in a choke hold for getting to close to the candy cane tree! Hmmmm--I wonder what Santa will bring for Jimmy this year?
Oh iT's tHe MOst WoNDeRfuL tIMe oF THe yEaR!!


Jimmy's Birthday--4!

Well I always stress over the boys birthdays--I blame my mom really--she always made our birthday's so special and magical--that now I stress about making my boys feel that way too! To start the day off the cute little boy gave me a gift--he slept in until 9 o'clock--kinda unheard of for this 6:30 riser! When he woke up I started singing the Happy Birthday song to him--he listened for about 10 seconds then shut his door in my face--I thought we were in for it--but I kept singing anyway--a couple seconds later he re-opened his door with a huge grin on his face! Then he ran around the house shouting Happy Birday to me! That is until he saw his presents--then he said for me!! I said yes but you will have to wait--surprisingly he was alright with that answer and we finished getting ready for church.

After church we decided it would be alright if he opened his gifts from Joe and I before his party.
After opening his gifts--a dinosaur and an elephant balloon thingy, I showed him his cake and then it was off to the Johnson's for his party!
My attempt at making a dinosaur cake--and yes the purple dots were requested by Jimmy!

We had homemade fries--and cake, then opened some gifts!
Our Georgia Family
It was so nice to have everyone together to celebrate our Jimmy!
I asked him on the way home what his favorite part of his Birthday was--he said "ummm 4" I guess that 3 was just too much for him and he was ready and waiting to be 4! He also said "Presssseeennnts" Oh we love our Jimmy Dinosaur.


Oh my Jimmy how I love you! I love that you are so passionate about everything you do--nothing is done halfheartedly. I love that you like to make people happy--you keep your dad and I in stitches of laughter all the time! I love that you want to be animals all the time and that you want me to play along with you ( especially when you want me to be the mommy pinkaroo kangaroo and you want to be the baby pinkaroo). I love that your favorite food is always a fruit or vegetable--what a good example you are to us all! But mostly I love the way you watch out and take care of all of those whom you love--always so concerned about your brother and his happiness--what an awesome brother and son you are--my Jimmy! Happy Birthday Turbo!
For all those concerned I will post pics tomorrow--I am oh so tired tonight!


About a month ago we were in Utah for my little sisters wedding--my kids loved being with their cousins--in fact they are still talking about it--every time we get in the car--they ask if we are going to see one cousin or another--It was so great to see them enjoy all our family so much! These are ALL (rare thing that this happens) the Keddington grandkids! It was so much fun--none of us can wait until the next time we are all there!!! thanks Christy for posting this picture on your facebook :D


I found it!!!!

I found the video of Chase in the parade!!! HOORAY!! Chase's teacher was Snow White and his best buddy was the fireman!

And yes he is picking his nose the whole time!!! That's my boy--make your momma proud :D I love this kid!


We had a super fun week with lots of activities--Thursday went to a Trunk-or-treat party at church--Chase was of course Jun-jun and Jimmy was the same as last year Sully from Monsters Inc. The kids had a lot of fun but I forgot my camera so no pics :(

Friday Chase got to dress up for school he had to dress as a character from a book--he chose Bathman from his favorite book--THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF BATHMAN!

Oh I am oh so sad I had a cute video of Chase in the character parade with his class at school--it was so cute but somehow got erased from my camera??? There one minute gone the next--I am really really bummed about it :( It was very cute however when I went to pick him up from school he came walking to the front of the school with a cute little girl from his class--she said "Chase's mom he got a green smiley today--soo good--and he read us his book--it was so so cute" I love how his class loves him so much and are always looking out for him! uhg I wish you could have seen the video--bummer!

Friday night we went to the school fall festival--the kids had a great time and got lots of prizes--this time Jimmy was superman and Chase was Jun-Jun--thanks again Ruth and James for the awesome fun at the festival.

Saturday we did our pumpkins and made cornbread, had our friends over for yummy food and then headed down town to the Halloween Spooktacular--it was the best trick or treating and then to Brusters for Ice cream--the best part of Halloween for me--seeing Jimmy in his awesome--totally requested on his part outfit for Saturday--and having Chase be Sully he makes a really cute monster!



Today I feel lonely.......................................a little sad..................................................a little nervous....................................but mostly hopeful! Today I sent Jimmy to his first day of STEPS (Special Training for Exceptional Preschool Students) It just really isn't time for him to go to school is it? I am hopeful that he will learn and grow and catch up with his peers--that he will gain control over his temper. I am so excited to see how he grows I am sure that he will do wonderful but I can't help but miss my boy!


Finally back home after a long crazy couple of weeks in Utah! Wedding was beautiful and family was so much fun! Details to follow...........................................................


For the love of Jun-jun

I don't know that it is too much of a secret that my kids(Joe included in that catagory) love Nascar particularly Dale Earnhardt Jr. or "Jun-jun" as we lovingly refer to him in our house. Well about a week ago Chase and I were wandering through Target looking at the Halloween costumes and we found the most amazing thing ever--an honest to goodness "Jun-jun" costume complete with hat and everything--the little boy couldn't be more excited if it was Dale himself!

So we decided that if he could get, count em', 5 green smilies, then we would go right to the store and get him that jun-jun costume. Well all week long everyday we would talk about how many more green smilies he needed in order to go get his prize--"you have two green smilies, you only need three more and then you get jun-jun" the excitement was over flowing all week long as he would literally pray for green smilies every night before bed and we would pray all through his school day that he would succeed! AND HE DID!!! I was so excited for him and he just couldn't wait one minute to get to the store after school today he kept telling "drive the car faster mom! let's go faster!" We finally made it to the store and after a slight scare of them being sold out we found it tucked away behind a transformer costume--and the rest is history--

Now Jimmy has had fun this week too--he has spent his week falling asleep in random places--sooo cute :)

AND OH MY GOODNESS as I was snapping pictures I was almost shocked at this one--can you believe the size difference--I almost couldn't either--and yes the tall one is only 3 and the short one is 5!


"Not ever never ever!" brought to you courtesy of Jimmy.

Jimmy has in the last few days decided that this is what he wants to say to pretty much everything--today's list of things Jimmy will not ever never ever do!

-hold Chase's hand
-eat at pink (Cook's cafe) and in his words "Not ever never ever eat pink--I didn't want it anyway"
-clean his room
-wash his face
-flush the toilet
-speak with his inside voice (not really sure he has one--but we try for it anyway)
-listen to mom
-eat oranges that aren't cut up
-drink milk
-go to his room
-and finally go to bed

Boy life is sure rough when you can't ever never ever do all the things your momma says to!!


And she's back!

Well after a 4-5 month hiatus she has returned--whether it's a good thing or a bad thing entirely depends on who you ask--my dear hubby loves and despises here at the same time--my kiddos think she is entirely insane but love her as well--that's right round here she is ever so lovingly referred to as--crazy NEAT freak Mandy or mommy. I don't know why she went on vacation but she did, I for one am totally embarrassed and somewhat grossed out that she left so long but boy-oh-boy am I glad she is back!

HURRAY for cleanliness and organization!!!

My poor kids however have discovered another return--one from their momma's childhood so my sweet brothers and sisters of the Barry nation--the GUNNY BAG is alive and well and residing at my house (how did that song go?) My lucky lucky kids Hee hee


Yeah Chase!!

Well Chase loves school--he loves it especially when he gets a good behavior mark--a green smiley face on his daily report--I love it too! He usually will get one or two green smilies in a week--but this week he got a green smiley EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! I couldn't be happier--he is so smart and is finally getting the whole sit still and listen part of school down. Last week we were told that he is so far ahead of his class in sight words that we would have to wait while they compile and print some more lists--he loves learning and I am ultra impressed with his reading abilities. So tonight instead of the usual starburst for a job well done I think that a trip to Brusters is in order! Hurray for Chase!!


In case we haven't told you enough or lately--we love you very much and you are amazing to us in every way! Both of you!


Non-labor day!

Yesterday we had so much fun with our georgia family--we spent the day in Atlanta--we went to the Coca-Cola museum and the Varsity (yummy but not so healthy) and then to my new favorite IKEA! We love our friends here so much they really are our family out here they are so good to us and we feel really lucky to have them in our lives and in our children's lives! How did we ever survive the year and a half that the Johnsons were gone???? So glad your finally back!

(picture bottom row left to right--Ruth, Leo or Ledo as the kids say, Kim, Jimmy, Manda, Chase. Top row left to right--James, Paige, Spencer, Jody and Joe--thanks for taking the picture Bek!)


Last week was a week full of twos--two boys--two sets of ears--two nightmares with our insurance--two bilateral ear infections--two boys to try and keep happy, medicated, hydrated, and inside as to not spread the germs. It is very exhausting trying to care for two sicky boys who both just want all mom's attention and affection! It did make for a long week and a messy house--but I am glad they are both on the mend.


What have we been up to----

Well the past few weeks have been a bit crazy around here--Chase loves school, but is having some trouble following rules, sitting down, and listening!! We have had several meetings with the school and have come to a solution that I think will work for everyone--especially Chase--he will spend about 2 hours everyday in a small (4-5 student) class learning how to behave appropriately at school and then the rest of the time in his regular class. I am confident that as soon as he can learn how to control himself in the class he will excel quickly. He has already passed all the first quarter requirements in his class so academically he is awesome.

Now to Jimmy he is going to be starting a preschool soon that will provide him with speech therapy and behavorial therapy...I mean lets just face it--the kid can be hard to handle sometimes, Joe and I really debated back and forth about sending him to school so young, but after Chase's first couple of weeks of school we decided it would be better to get him socially ready now rather than later when it really matters!!

So this brings us to me MOM I hate having them both gone during the day--I want to be selfish and keep them home with me all the time--but also realize that I can't give them everything they need at home--they need to be around kids their own age and other adults--I mean I take them to play groups and church and other things but they need to learn from others and learn how to listen and obey other adults as well. I just want them to succeed and so I will send them, volunteer as much as I can in their classrooms and hopefully they will soar and I will find peace with not having total control!! (after all I am a little bit of a control freak)


Chase's first day of school!

Last Thursday was Chase's first day of school--he was so so so excited he could hardly stand it. I was so so so nervous I could hardly stand it. Joe and I walked him to school--got him settled in class--and we I mean I had a hard time leaving--Chase just kept saying bye mom, bye dad, it's time for school. So we left--I didn't cry even though I wanted to. I was very brave. When I got home I took Jimmy out for a special surprise--he of course was so very jealous of Chase!

At about 10:30 I guess Chase's excitement for school had not diminished only increased when the class decided to take a tour of the school Chase decided to go on his own tour--running and yelling through the whole building--so needless to say I kinda got my wish of knowing exactly what Chase's first day of school was, as I spent the rest of the day in his class helping him listen and stay put.

Friday I was a little leery whether or not he would be able to stay all day at school without me so I thought I would stay with him and slowly fade out toward the end of the day--but when I dropped him off at his desk he said--bye mom be a good boy for Miss ----- and I said that's right you be a good boy for Miss -----, I left and picked him up at the end of the day-- so all is well that ends well--he just needed to get used to the routine I guess.