iT's ThAt tIMe oF YeAr!
When you put your brother in a choke hold for getting to close to the candy cane tree! Hmmmm--I wonder what Santa will bring for Jimmy this year?
Oh iT's tHe MOst WoNDeRfuL tIMe oF THe yEaR!!


Jimmy's Birthday--4!

Well I always stress over the boys birthdays--I blame my mom really--she always made our birthday's so special and magical--that now I stress about making my boys feel that way too! To start the day off the cute little boy gave me a gift--he slept in until 9 o'clock--kinda unheard of for this 6:30 riser! When he woke up I started singing the Happy Birthday song to him--he listened for about 10 seconds then shut his door in my face--I thought we were in for it--but I kept singing anyway--a couple seconds later he re-opened his door with a huge grin on his face! Then he ran around the house shouting Happy Birday to me! That is until he saw his presents--then he said for me!! I said yes but you will have to wait--surprisingly he was alright with that answer and we finished getting ready for church.

After church we decided it would be alright if he opened his gifts from Joe and I before his party.
After opening his gifts--a dinosaur and an elephant balloon thingy, I showed him his cake and then it was off to the Johnson's for his party!
My attempt at making a dinosaur cake--and yes the purple dots were requested by Jimmy!

We had homemade fries--and cake, then opened some gifts!
Our Georgia Family
It was so nice to have everyone together to celebrate our Jimmy!
I asked him on the way home what his favorite part of his Birthday was--he said "ummm 4" I guess that 3 was just too much for him and he was ready and waiting to be 4! He also said "Presssseeennnts" Oh we love our Jimmy Dinosaur.


Oh my Jimmy how I love you! I love that you are so passionate about everything you do--nothing is done halfheartedly. I love that you like to make people happy--you keep your dad and I in stitches of laughter all the time! I love that you want to be animals all the time and that you want me to play along with you ( especially when you want me to be the mommy pinkaroo kangaroo and you want to be the baby pinkaroo). I love that your favorite food is always a fruit or vegetable--what a good example you are to us all! But mostly I love the way you watch out and take care of all of those whom you love--always so concerned about your brother and his happiness--what an awesome brother and son you are--my Jimmy! Happy Birthday Turbo!
For all those concerned I will post pics tomorrow--I am oh so tired tonight!


About a month ago we were in Utah for my little sisters wedding--my kids loved being with their cousins--in fact they are still talking about it--every time we get in the car--they ask if we are going to see one cousin or another--It was so great to see them enjoy all our family so much! These are ALL (rare thing that this happens) the Keddington grandkids! It was so much fun--none of us can wait until the next time we are all there!!! thanks Christy for posting this picture on your facebook :D


I found it!!!!

I found the video of Chase in the parade!!! HOORAY!! Chase's teacher was Snow White and his best buddy was the fireman!

And yes he is picking his nose the whole time!!! That's my boy--make your momma proud :D I love this kid!


We had a super fun week with lots of activities--Thursday went to a Trunk-or-treat party at church--Chase was of course Jun-jun and Jimmy was the same as last year Sully from Monsters Inc. The kids had a lot of fun but I forgot my camera so no pics :(

Friday Chase got to dress up for school he had to dress as a character from a book--he chose Bathman from his favorite book--THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF BATHMAN!

Oh I am oh so sad I had a cute video of Chase in the character parade with his class at school--it was so cute but somehow got erased from my camera??? There one minute gone the next--I am really really bummed about it :( It was very cute however when I went to pick him up from school he came walking to the front of the school with a cute little girl from his class--she said "Chase's mom he got a green smiley today--soo good--and he read us his book--it was so so cute" I love how his class loves him so much and are always looking out for him! uhg I wish you could have seen the video--bummer!

Friday night we went to the school fall festival--the kids had a great time and got lots of prizes--this time Jimmy was superman and Chase was Jun-Jun--thanks again Ruth and James for the awesome fun at the festival.

Saturday we did our pumpkins and made cornbread, had our friends over for yummy food and then headed down town to the Halloween Spooktacular--it was the best trick or treating and then to Brusters for Ice cream--the best part of Halloween for me--seeing Jimmy in his awesome--totally requested on his part outfit for Saturday--and having Chase be Sully he makes a really cute monster!