What doin'........duh?

So James is really into saying this lately---where it came from I don't know---but he asks Chase and Mom and Dad this at least 4-5 times a day!?!?!? It is really cute and you can't help but laugh--when this little LOUD voice says--what doooweeeen...........Duh?


One More!!!!

I know two posts in one day is a bit much but--I wanted to post these pictures of my mom, my dad, and my grandma--working on some quilts they made for the boys--I think it is spectacular that Chase and James will have the chance to get to know their great grandma and grandpa--I grew up next door to my grandparents and love them so much. I don't know many people in this world who work as hard as they do!! They are truely people to aspire to be like.

Last week--

After Chase's success on the potty last week we decided that the "do it at your own pace" is working for him--so he is continuing to use it at least once a day--and best of all he doesn't cry about it anymore--so I am happier too! But enough about the potty--our week was just a normal week we didn't do much of anything that exciting--so I thought I would post some pictures from a few weeks (or months, where does the time go) ago--we got a sand box in the backyard and the boys love it!!! They both absolutely love to be outside running around and getting dirty.


Just a quick note--worthy of more than just an update on the sidebar--Chase went pee in the potty twice today--can we get a WAAAAAAA--HOOOOOOOO from the audience please!!!!!


Day Four

Things we learned today---#1 Mom and Dad are very tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chase and James are sick of theme parks--but did any of that stop us--NO--Sea World here we come. We started off the day taking my parents to the airport--and going to our obligatory learn about time shares seminar. Then it was time for Sea World--we didn't get there until about noon--and it was very hot and humid. The boys had fun checking out the animal life--but were rather terrified of actually touching any of it.
We went to the Shamu show--and waited for it to start--it started and after the first two stunts--the whales decided they didn't want to participate any more. So the trainer came out and decided to just talk to us about the whales for a while--try keeping toddlers happy through that :(

Then we were trying to find something to get all the little boy energy out--and happened upon this--

All in all it was great day and even though we were exhausted we had a good time--Joe was super happy about riding this.

Yes that's him on the front row!!!!!!


Epcot Center

Day Three

What we learned on day three--Chase is still scared of dark rides--and a German buffet with a live band is so much fun!!!!! We also learned that Epcot is not really meant for little kids--not much for them to do. But Joey and I were able to ride the nascar ride together--then Bek and I rode Soarin' together--both were really fun. We left there and went back to our hotel and talked an laughed for a few hours......Thanks Bekah for staying the night with us and watching the boys in the morning--they miss Aunt Cuck-ah......I do too!!!!!!!

Just a few random shots from our day.


Day Two----Magic Kingdom

Day Two

Things we learned on day two--it's hot and sticky in Orlando--and Chase is scared of rides in the dark. We went on the Snow White ride first--thinking it is mild and in a car so he should have fun--wrong-O--from the moment we entered the doors he was whaling. So our next ride was Dumbo--which he loved but was too short to see out of so--you will see pictures of me not him on that ride.

We thought that maybe it was the scarey witch that scared him on Snow White so we decided to ride It's A Small World--he didn't like that much either.

Our next attempt was Pirate's which Chase and I sat out of--but heard tale that James loved it. After Pirates we had some lunch and then went on the Jungle Cruise.

Then it was time for a ride on a train--which of course was a huge success.

We had so much fun and took lots of pictures too many to post them all--I will have to do a slide show later with all of them--but to finish this post--here are some shots of us on the #1 favorite ride of the day--that's right it's the people mover :)

And then a close second--the race cars--that we let the boys drive--AHHHH-- and OHHHH my neck hurts.



Well we had a great vacation and took plenty of pictures--but not as many as I would have liked--I just want to capture every minute of their lives so that I won't forget any of it :) but my efforts always feel like I missed more than I captured. We discovered many new things on our trip and I will try to share them with you as much as I can--as to not make this post too long I will take this one day at a time so it will probably take me several days to get it all in.

Day One

We discovered how much we love Aunt Bekah or Cuck-ka as they say!!!! James especially adored her and had so much fun with her. We got to Orlando around noon--we picked up G-ma and Bek at their hotel and went to lunch--then we meet up with G-pa and walked around and saw the sights by their hotel--I wish I had some of the picks of G-pa and the boys playing in the fountain--maybe my mom will email them to me so I can post them later (hint-hint). Then we ate at a Diner--it was a lot of fun...then we went back to my parents hotel and visited--snuggled in blankets that Great Grandma Walker made for the boys and sent down with G-ma--and then we went swimming--well we would be the boys-Aunt Bek-Dad-and Grandma. I stayed out to take pictures. We were all pretty worn out and went to bed early to get ready for Disney World the next day. Well I will write about day two later--here's the pics from day one.