I love all the boys in my life--they are so much fun and I am so lucky to be the lady of this house!


This past week we went on a family vacation--we borrowed a trailer from some friends of ours and headed down to Florida--the boys of course were so so so excited to "sweep in da twaiwer" (in fact after we got home they couldn't stop talking about how fun it was to sleep in the trailer, everyone they talked to got to hear about sleeping in the trailer) We left Thursday afternoon and that night we got to Eglin Air Force base and stayed at their camping facilities on base--it was a really nice place to stay and it had showers and laundry and all that good stuff--the trailer luckily had A/C which was really nice, especially with the hot hot weather we are having right now. After we were all set-up we met our friends Kim, Leo, Jenna, Bradley, Jessie, Brandon and Evelyn at a nice seafood restaurant, Habor Docks. We enjoyed our meal there and then headed back to get some sleep--well I stayed up with Joe trying to get his homework done!!!

Friday Joe woke up at about 4 am to go deep sea fishing with the guys and Evelyn--he had to take our car so the boys and I spent the day watching movie, reading books, and just playing in the trailer--the boys loved it--I on the other hand was too hot to really enjoy much of anything--the A/C worked great but a little unit against near 100 degree weather still doesn't make for a cool day! But after Joe got back we headed to the beach for a few hours--the boys LOVED it. Joe will have to tell you about fishing sometime--he said it was fun--and that he caught a rather large fish--I will wait for the pictures to see! We went back to the trailer--showered and all fell asleep by about 9:30--

Saturday we woke up took our time getting ready and about 10 we headed out to St Andrews State Park to meet up with the rest of the gang--plus the Herrman family--we had a great day playing at the beach swimming, splashing, and getting a little crispy in the sun! After which we went to eat at a place called J. Michael's--absolutely delicious!!! It was such a great day--we decided to stay one more night!

Sunday we woke up and got things ready to pack up and head for home--we are so glad that we did have the extra day to be a little lazy about getting back! We decided to take the back roads home and finally made it home about 4 in the afternoon--it was an awesome vacation one I hope to repeat soon!!

And next time I will take more pics--I only have a few pics and one video(that I can't get to download)!



Okay so a few weeks ago--I had the oppurtunity to go to Young Women Camp--I love it!!! This is my 3rd year going and I think it was my most difficult but most rewarding year so far. I was the YCL leader this year--that's Youth Camp Leaders--which meant I was up at camp from Tuesday morning to Saturday afternoon--I wouldn't think that one more day would be that much more but, it sure made it feel a lot longer!
I have served in the Young Women calling at church for much of my adult life--I love it--I love the Young Women--they teach me far more than I am sure I teach them--they inspire me to be better. Camp this year was no exception to this--I had many chances to strengthen my relationship with my Savior and my Heavenly Father over the course of just a few days. I love challenges that arise for in them we find our own inner strength and we find that with the help of our Heavenly Father and his Son we can do anything. They will help us feel inspired as to what needs to be done in all things.
I didn't have much free time as you can imagine--I was the sole leader over the YCL's and there were 15 of them, all with a whole lot of resposibility. But much of the time I had to myself I spent in fervent prayer over these girls--trying to find ways to reach out to all of them and help them reach out to the girls they had charge over as Youth Leaders.
I was beyond inspired by the strength of these girls--there ability to overcome their own problems, wants, and even needs for those they were there serving. It was truely a huge testimony building experience for me as I hope it was for them.
Any way I just thought I would share a little bit about what I was doing while I was away! I love serving the Lord and hope that I live up to his expectations of me.

These are the girls I get to work with on a weekly basis--I love them all!!


Life is so busy in the summer time--I feel like I hardly have time to accomplish all that I need to! We have been enjoying lots of time in the pool and the boys seem to be getting better and better at swimming--I was a fish growing up--loved to swim and I always told myself that my kids would be great swimmers--I would teach them all the secrets!! So I am so glad that they are enjoying their lessons from mom! But mostly I am incredibly impressed with a new show that my kids really enjoy--WORD WORLD -- you see we got rid of our Cable a month or so ago--I just couldn't handle the messages that my boys were receiving from not only the shows that were on but from the commercials that were geared towards my kids that had awful messages!!
Any way my kids love this show and they go around spelling everything--names of stores, road signs, pretty much anything they see with letters they spell--then I tell them how to say what they just spelled! I love it when they are learning and growing! I just hope they continue to be excited about learning--I guess only time will tell.