Christmas 2011--Holiday Inn Columbus, Indiana

Pictures will have to do for now! I have a couple of videos but they will have to wait until we get back to Georgia--it's been a great day so far :] Merry Christmas!
I forgot my charger for my good camera--I took these with the video camera not the best--but good enough.



I dropped that same sweet guy back at the airport this morning--he's already in Indiana--it was a fun week--although we spent 4 of the 7 days sick between the 4 of us! We miss him already--luckily it isn't long before we head up there for a long stay! All this back and forth---it's getting OLD. 



We picked up this guy from the airport!!!!
HOORAY--surprise trip home for a WEEK--we are all so so so excited--and blessed! 



So tonight for fun------------------------------------I made sure the kids were in bed early!!!!!-------------we have got some serious ATTITUDE going on in this house-------------a good nights sleep should do the trick-------Tune in tomorrow for the best most fun we have had so far :]



So every Wednesday I leave my house at about 6:30 to go to the church and work with the Young Women--(ladies 12-18)--I have been doing this for a number of years[we are talking almost a decade]--Love it--hard for me right now in our current circumstances absolutely--but TOTALLY worth it--Grandma Annette [as the kiddos call her] comes over every Wednesday and hangs out so I can go kid free--such a HUGE blessing to have her in our lives.

--Anywho that didn't leave us much time to do our something fun--but we did spend about an hour watching this--we are all obsessed with this show--and now Netflix has 4 seasons--can't get enough.  I have to be careful I could watch it all day!



So tonight Mommy got out of the house--Christmas Dinner with the Ladies from church--a much needed and appreciated night out! I am sure the boys had a great time with Emma :]


Fun gone wrong--turned oh so perfect!

So tonight for fun we decided to get the train down from the attic to put around the tree--got the track repaired put the train on and it was B-U-S-T-E-D! OH the sad faces--we were all bummed--so we ventured out to find a new one--well to make a long story short we found trains they were mucho denero--we are really trying to teach the boys and ourselves how to be smarter with our money--so right there in the store we put it to a vote--we had 2 choices; 1 NO train--2 the old wood train from Chase's toybox.  I am so proud of my boys--of course they both voted for the wood train--AND we left the store without even one whine complaint or tear.  See I told you it ended perfect :]


December 4

Tonight we are taking blankets and candy canes and going to the church to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  One of my favorite things about the Christmas season!


December 3

Tonight was board games and banana splits! Loved it!!


December 2

Tonight we went to McDonald's and I let them play on the forbidden playground--not so fun for me but they had a BLAST!


Well Hello

I have decided that the kids and I are doing something fun every night this month--because

1-I am trying desperately to get in the Holiday spirit
2-I love these kiddo's and I want them to have good experiences and memories
3-Let's face it life in the Keddington household is not exactly fun right now--Dad is still in Indiana and we get to see him very little--the house is still for sale--my sister moved back to Utah--yada yada yada.....

So to start things off today we made GIANT cupcakes--I actually let them help (a BIG deal for me) and it was a great time!  To make them even better we frosted them with this deliciousness.  UMMMM!