we be jammin'

Monday I decided to get started on the canning season--which I L.O.V.E.--something about preserving food makes me feel very accomplished.  I can't wait to do more--I have lots of ideas to try this year.  But mostly I am excited to have more apple butter--we ran out months ago--and store bought is just plain gross!  But we will have to wait until the true apple season.  Any way back to Monday--we made strawberry jam--we as in my sweet boys and me.  So So Yummy!! (the boys and the jam)

Me lookin' sassy in my canning apron :]

We tied some raffia on a few and delivered them to our Georgia "family"

and if that wasn't enough--I did a dryer full of banana chips--really good and the kids actually like them...A LOT!



Note the accessories :]


 Apparently I don't make cake very often--mid many a question of who's birthday it was--or is it Christmas--I made cake today! The boys loved it they are so crazy--great way to spend a lazy very rainy Saturday eating cake and watching Mythbusters :]

{well in their world it would be better if the cake could explode like everything on Mythbusters}

Jimmy's self portrait :] complete with chocolate mustache.


Holy Horse

 How big is Ollie getting you say? Well not sure these do her justice--but still fun to see how she has grown.



It's finally here--it's official--it's wonderful--I am so proud of you Joe!