Tonight as we were checking on the boys before going to bed ourselves this is what we found. Our little man Chase trying to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Not sure if he thought it was not dark enough in his room or what. His personality is changing more each day. He is becoming more of an individual. He will tell us no if he doesn't want something. A negative to that is when we ask him to do something like clean up and he doesn't like the idea he simply says "no" with his sweet little man voice and smiles. It's been fun to see him grow into our little man. James is also improving. His teacher at church let me know that he is playing more with the other kids rather than by himself in the corner. This has also been cause of contention since he believes if he wants something others should bow before him and surrender it. When this doesn't happen the frustration overwhelms him to tears. Needless to say sharing has been something we are continuing to work on with both boys.


James: Heel catcher, (Greek form of Jacob.)

English form of Latin Iacomus, meaning "supplanter". This is the name of several biblical characters, including two apostles and a brother of Jesus.

James - smeller of other people's armpits


Oh Jimmy--you are an amazing little boy--you are so full of sunshine and vinegar! I love your passion for everything--your devotion to your brother--your mischeiviousness--your silliness--your funniness--I just love you! You have made me so happy--I thank my lucky stars that I have the chance to be your Mommy--you are so much fun and keep me busy/laughing/crazy/running/loving/singing all the time!

Happy Birthday Boog!


My little Chase is as sweet as they come--he is so concerned with making everyone happy--if he thinks you are upset in the slightest he will come up to you and give you this smile--it's kind of a cross between a smile/frown/worried look--it melts my heart everytime! He is definitely growing up quickly it seems--he has started pronouncing better and talking more and more--one of his favorite things to say is "My name is Chase Keddington, I am a Child of God" (his part in the Primary program, [a church program that is performed by the children ages 3-11]) He had it memorized and said it so well in the program a couple of weeks ago--I was impressed that he was able to do so well seeing how it was in front of about 100-150 people.
Another good church story--Jimmy has learned how to wink ;) he winks at his dad who sits on the stand at church and he also winks at all the teenage girls that sit behind us--he is such a flirt already--am I in trouble or what?




Chase's favorite book right now is "The great adventures of Bathman" he loves it so very much--and thinks that Superman is a close second--we put his costume on early in the day and he refused to take it off!! He absolutely loved his cape--running and watching it follow him--he is such a doll!

Reminds me of Big FOOT!
Funny story with that thought--last Sunday in his nursery class they traced their feet--when I picked him up from class his teacher handed me his picture and said "No doubt--these are the biggest feet in here" I am sure they are!

A highly appropriate costume for Jimmy--he was having the time of his life, growling and scaring any and everyone he could find. My favorite part was when he first had it on he was running in the front yard and all of a sudden noticed his tail--he proceeded to chase it like puppies do! I was laughing so hard!!

Chase wanted to be a monster too! But only for a couple minutes--then he wanted to be Superman again.

OUr TrUncK fOr TruNcK oR tReAt!


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