Chaser, Robby, Pedro, Sparticus......

All names of which Chase answers to!

Height: 4'11"
Weight: 86.2 lbs.
Foot Size: 7 

       Food: Stromboli (Homemade)
       Treat: Twix
       Soda: None or all, depends on how you look at it!--Chocolate Milk or Hot Chocolate
       Fruit: Strawberries
       Veg: Potatoe
       Ice Cream: Mint Cookies N' Cream
       Toy: Nerf Guns
       Video Game: Anything Mario
       Game: Battleship
       School Subject: Physical Science
       Holiday: Christmas
       Color: Turquoise
       Movie: Inside Out
What a serious, sweet kid! He amazes me daily with his knowledge about the world and sometimes always lets me know how I can make things perfect! He keeps me in line and on track, I love him for it--even though it can really frustrate me. He is a perfect shopping companion(if you are trying to stay on budget) and list tracker, honestly I would be a mess without him! Love him so very much!



This boy is 11!!! He has grown up so much over the past year--and is one-of-a-kind! His sense of humor, teasing, and all out goofiness are the best--and we laugh all the time! He is caring and considerate, he loves fiercely and is equally loyal. He is himself always--thinks, acts, speaks, and does things exactly how he wants to--and thankfully now that he is home schooled he has the freedom to do that! I love him so immensely! This past year Joe and I have really stepped back and allowed James to have more control over his life and decisions--hands down the best decision we have ever made as parents--James has proven that he is capable, strong, and intuitive about how he lives his life--he asks for guidance when he needs it, and accepts that sometimes the answer is no. I am so very proud of him and the choices he makes!

Some facts about James--on his 11th Birthday--
Weight--108 lbs
Foot size--9.5 in mens!
       Food: Chinese
       Treat: Giant Lollipops or Marshmellows
       Soda: Fanta Mango
       Fruit: Mango
       Vegetable: Potatoe
       Ice Cream: Ice cream sandwiches
       Toy: Pogo stick, roller skates
       Video Game: Mario Kart 8 (thanks, Jewel!)
       Game: Chess
       School Subject: Science
       Holiday: 4th of July
       Color: Gold
       Movie: Trolls (such a cute movie, he was the first one to clap when it ended in the theater, then             he got up and started dancing--love this kid!)
Happy Birthday James!