the time when I was really scared--but did it any way

 I went skiing while in Utah--I have never been before although I was raised 15 miles from Park City--JoHanna, Bekah, Julianne and I.   3 of us first timers--1 many years ago, thought what is there to it--lets just go.  Suited up ready to go--note the smile--

JoHanna and Juli get on the ski lift first--Bekah and I follow, let me explain the ride up to the top of the "hill" I wanted to throw-up I was nervous, and frankly scared to death--mostly of how I was going to get off the lift--well we are approaching the top--Beans and Juli are yelling words of encouragement--I stand--moving forward--suddenly I realize I have no idea what I am doing--how do I stop--how do I turn--what am I doing--Beans and Juli yell just lean--so I do--I then plow into a bank of snow--I can't get up--I am half laughing, half crying--unable to move, the teenager in the ski lift booth stops--yes stops the lift and comes to try and heft me out of the snow--now mortified embarrassed and feeling awful I still can't get up! At this point I am laughing hysterically so are my peeps--I get up! only to discover that Bekah-- didn't know how to turn either and ran into the stopped ski-lift chair in front of us! Now we are laughing even harder!!

Skip forward 10 minutes--we are all standing at the top of the "hill"--not sure what we had gotten ourselves into--watching groups of 4 year olds get off the ski-lift with ease, and just as easily start down the "hill"--Juli helps JoHanna get started and the two of them continue down the "hill"--

skip forward another 10 minutes--Juli and Beans are back up to the top of the "hill"--Juli helps Bekah get started and soon they are off--Beans attempts to get me to at least move--

skip forward another 10 minutes--Juli is back up to the top--we switch our ski's and I suddenly find myself moving forward--RAPIDLY--3 falls later--I make it!!!! note: my smile
And in the way of honesty you might need to add more time to how long I was standing at the top of the "hill".

Coerced and paid to do it just one more time--I go

 And then I sit and watch--perfectly happy--to stay--at the bottom--of the beginner hill!

An adventure.......

 I miss my mini-me!

My kids miss their cousins--all of them--Chase is particularly upset that we missed Hayden's graduation from High School--we had such a good time in Utah.


I love this little boy--such a sweet heart!