I usually have something in mind when I come to post--but today I just didn't have anything in mind when I sat down--I guess maybe I can just say that I love lazy days at home just hanging out with the kids--we don't have to be doing anything just chasing each other around, having tickle fights and playing hide and go seek ( a game Chase absolutely hates! but Jimmy loves) It is interesting to me that up until the last month or so the boys seemed to have such similar interests. But now they are starting to differ--which is good--but also causes some contention. Chase used to be so content to let Jimmy choose everything, take toys away from him, push him out of the way--we used to have to watch and correct Jimmy all the time for walking all over Chase--Chase doesn't stand for it anymore--he fights back or vocalizes his opinion when it comes to Movies, toys, etc. He even comes and gets Joe or I if he thinks Jimmy is doing something he shouldn't. Now I don't want to make Jimmy seem like he is mean or anything--he just is larger than life in size, personality and attitude. He is sweet as pie when he wants to be. And is always ultra concerned about Chase (where he is, what he is doing and that kind of stuff) So anyway I just wanted to write down the little things that maybe I neglect to mention in my "normal" posts.
  • Chase loves the movie WALL-E and does not like me to do anything for him--he has become quite independant both in actions and thinking.
  • Where Jimmy's favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda--and he wants me to do everything for him--he will sit on the floor and try to wiggle his way into his pants--he just won't touch them with his hands--I can't really figure out why but maybe he is just fighting growing up? He likes being the baby too much? Or is he just being 3?
Sorry to put you through the ramblings of me---

Kinda fun!!

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One year ago today we met you--one year ago we fell in love--one year ago our lives changed forever--for the better.
We love you Chase and Jimmy more than any words could ever express--your presence in our lives is a miracle--beyond description.
Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses
Mommy and Daddy


Happy Birthday Daeeeee, or dad!

Chase says--"Happy Birthday to daddy--I need a treat"

Jimmy says--"No" ( I said do you want to say Happy Birthday to daddy--that was his reply--that's what I get for asking in the middle of "My friends Tigger and Pooh"?)

Old picture but one of my favorites!



My how time fly's!! I can't believe these boys have been a part of our lives for just about a year now. They have grown so much, and so have we. I can't get over how incredibly lucky we are--how blessed we are--and how much fun and WORK having children is.


Yet another..........................................................

Sorry so many videos lately--but this one was too funny not to share--and in case you were wondering--Jimmy isn't in a lot of these videos because--1. he runs and hides from the camera, and 2. Chase saves his funniest moments for Jimmy's naptime--it just happens to be Chase's favorite time of day!!


Christmas Morning Video

Sorry it is sideways--no way to fix it?!--that I know of anyway.

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve--it was spent here at home--we spent the day playing with the boys and going out to lunch. That evening we watched Polar Express and drank hot cocoa. Jimmy and Chase loved the movie--of course it has a train in it--their #1 favorite thing in the whole world--and here is a picture of what Santa brought all wrapped up.

We also had our stockings filled by Santa--I was so excited for the boys to get their traditional Keddington stockings--handmade by Joe's mom--a great family tradition, everyone on the Keddington side of the family has them--I adore them!!!!


Just a cute video of Chase's new outfit!

DOn't pAY aNy aTtenTion tO mY mesSY RoOM!!

Our new front yard is full of leaves---so we decided to have the kids do the bagging (with mine and Bekah--my little sis--help) You can see by their expressions how they feel about having chores to do now!?!? I also have them help me with the laundry--Chase is in charge of loading the clothes into the washer and returning the basket to the appropriate room--Jimmy is in charge of moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer--and they both unload the dryer. As much as I want them to stay little boys forever--I think doing chores is good for them. On another side note of growing up--the other day I was doing my hair and Chase needed to go potty--so he comes in and says to me--"Ummm shut the door" and proceedes to shut me out of the bathroom. I am so proud of him for being so grown up but at the same time--a little sad--he doesn't need me as much as he used to :( But really it is wonderful thing and Joe and I very proud of him.