More pictures eating cake!

Birthday Cake :)

On Momma's birthday I got cake--and it was good!!!!!

I'm in Heaven
What are you doing, Chase?


More pictures of the Ocean

Trains and Oceans

Last weekend my Dad had a conference in Florida--so Joe and I packed up the boys and went down for a visit--it was about a 7 hour drive--but with mommy's new car it was kind of fun--our new car has a dvd player(heaven sent for long drives). We had so much fun with Gam-ma and Gam-pa--the boys immediately fell in love with them and vice-versa, who couldn't with these two adorable little men. We went on a trolley that was just outside the hotel--I don't think the boys could have been more happy--they were so excited about riding on Thomas that they had a hard time sitting still--

The next day we went to the ocean again they were so excited!!!! We had such a fun time--we can't wait for next month--Dad has another conference in Florida--only this time it is close to Disney World--yipeee!!!!!


Ramens Anyone?

I wasn't sure if Chase would eat Ramen Noodles--I guess I under-estimated the power of the Ramen.

James loves noodles--and we love to watch him eat noodles.


Clown Feet

We keep a basket of shoes by the back door--the boys decided that it would be fun to try on daddy's shoes--my favorite is watching them try and walk around--it was so cute! They were so proud of themselves---


Helpin' with the laundry!?!

James was taking a nap--and Chase decided to help mom with the laundry--it was so cute I just had to take pictures--plus who doesn't like help with the laundry--

now can I teach him how to fold?


So Sleepy

Saturday we spent the morning cleaning the house--then we had to do some shopping. We took a quick trip to get some pizza-at CiCi's which the boys love to say--cici pizza, cici pizza--by the time we got home with our new movie Aristocats--it took all of 3 minutes for them to fall asleep.



comes the




Rub-a-dub-dub two very happy boys--in mommy's tub!


New toys............................................

Chance has discovered the joy of teasing the dogs--he loves to pet them and play with them when they are out--but if they are in their kennel--game on--he is such a tease.

And Chase just wanted to say CHEESE!!!

Cute faces!

So here are some pictures from our first day at home--Chance loves to hear the sound of his feat on the wood floors--and Chase loves to scare anyone sitting in the recliner. We love these two so much and are having a blast!!!!

Wearing out the kids???????

On thursday--the day of our flight we tried to take the kids and wear them out at the zoo--we didn't even take the stroller--needless to say after about 2 hours--we were worn out--and the kids--had tons of energy left.....however they were complete angels on the flight home. As people were deboarding they even commented on how well behaved they were. Back to the zoo I think that their favorite part was the playground or the fences--but the animals didn't even really get a glance.