Cowboy King

A month or so ago--Chase, Jimmy and Bridjer (a cousin) decided to have a restaurant called COWBOY KING--they were so cute serving us and fixing things in the "kitchen".  Jim even made up their logo!

 Extra patrons of  Cowboy King.

Summer of Camping

This summer we did a lot of camping--Just a few pics of our adventures.


I am not even going to pretend that I will catch up anytime soon! I will just do my best when I have a spare minute (few and far between) to write a little something and put some pics on here.

In January James was baptized!! He waited until he was ready and that was perfect for us! He is such a good kid and tries so hard to please!

He seems to never stop growing--he is now up to my nose!! Next year he might just catch me in height!
Love him so so much!