Christmas Cookies.

My sister Amber had challenged each of us to do a baking project with our kids--letting them help. Anyone who really knows me knows that I have a hard time letting adults help me in MY kitchen. But I took the challenge and let my sis Bekah and the boys help. It was a lot of fun and a lot of mess--but aren't the best things in life always that way?


Church party and Santa fun!!!!

Last Saturday (I know I'm a week behind) was our Church Christmas Party--it was supposed to be a pj party or so I was told--but we were some of the few that actually showed up in our pj's--anyway the kids did some crafts and then it was time to eat--of course this is both Jimmy and Chase's favorite part!

Especially when they have big muffins..........

Really big muffins!!!!

Of course Jimmy and Chase's bff Caden was there--I just love how they like to hold hands! And yes James is wearing his cape--didn't you know he is "Cooperman". aka Superman for those of you who don't speak Jamesese.

And then of course there was an appearance from the big guy himself!

I wasn't entirely sure they really understood the whole Santa thing--or if they even knew who he was other than a decoration and someone Mom keeps refering to. But the moment Santa walked through the door Chase started dancing around screaming Senta Cause!! I don't know that I have seen him that excited about something before. He had a really hard time waiting in line to sit on his lap--and when he finally made it he was soooooo happy--I just love these kiddo's they are so much fun!!!



So my mom ever so lovingly pointed out that I am being quite the slacker on my blog--I admit it it has been a long and very busy month for us and I have gotten to be quite behind. I do want to share some cute pics of my kiddos--we have a little Christmas tree just for them in our family room--which they got to decorate themselves (well I put on the lights) but anyway they got to put the candy canes on it--and that is all that we put on it! They were so excited and then they were even more excited when they discovered that it was candy they could eat. And yes Chase is pantless--he was to excited to finish getting dressed after using the restroom.


I just need to do a great big huge shout out and HALLELUJAH to Jimmy who finally after months of nothing, put some pee in the potty yesterday!!!!


Sorry we are without internet for the next few days--I will post pictures of our move and of the new house too--hopefully our adoring fans won't stop checking up on us!!!


Tonight as we were checking on the boys before going to bed ourselves this is what we found. Our little man Chase trying to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Not sure if he thought it was not dark enough in his room or what. His personality is changing more each day. He is becoming more of an individual. He will tell us no if he doesn't want something. A negative to that is when we ask him to do something like clean up and he doesn't like the idea he simply says "no" with his sweet little man voice and smiles. It's been fun to see him grow into our little man. James is also improving. His teacher at church let me know that he is playing more with the other kids rather than by himself in the corner. This has also been cause of contention since he believes if he wants something others should bow before him and surrender it. When this doesn't happen the frustration overwhelms him to tears. Needless to say sharing has been something we are continuing to work on with both boys.


James: Heel catcher, (Greek form of Jacob.)

English form of Latin Iacomus, meaning "supplanter". This is the name of several biblical characters, including two apostles and a brother of Jesus.

James - smeller of other people's armpits


Oh Jimmy--you are an amazing little boy--you are so full of sunshine and vinegar! I love your passion for everything--your devotion to your brother--your mischeiviousness--your silliness--your funniness--I just love you! You have made me so happy--I thank my lucky stars that I have the chance to be your Mommy--you are so much fun and keep me busy/laughing/crazy/running/loving/singing all the time!

Happy Birthday Boog!


My little Chase is as sweet as they come--he is so concerned with making everyone happy--if he thinks you are upset in the slightest he will come up to you and give you this smile--it's kind of a cross between a smile/frown/worried look--it melts my heart everytime! He is definitely growing up quickly it seems--he has started pronouncing better and talking more and more--one of his favorite things to say is "My name is Chase Keddington, I am a Child of God" (his part in the Primary program, [a church program that is performed by the children ages 3-11]) He had it memorized and said it so well in the program a couple of weeks ago--I was impressed that he was able to do so well seeing how it was in front of about 100-150 people.
Another good church story--Jimmy has learned how to wink ;) he winks at his dad who sits on the stand at church and he also winks at all the teenage girls that sit behind us--he is such a flirt already--am I in trouble or what?




Chase's favorite book right now is "The great adventures of Bathman" he loves it so very much--and thinks that Superman is a close second--we put his costume on early in the day and he refused to take it off!! He absolutely loved his cape--running and watching it follow him--he is such a doll!

Reminds me of Big FOOT!
Funny story with that thought--last Sunday in his nursery class they traced their feet--when I picked him up from class his teacher handed me his picture and said "No doubt--these are the biggest feet in here" I am sure they are!

A highly appropriate costume for Jimmy--he was having the time of his life, growling and scaring any and everyone he could find. My favorite part was when he first had it on he was running in the front yard and all of a sudden noticed his tail--he proceeded to chase it like puppies do! I was laughing so hard!!

Chase wanted to be a monster too! But only for a couple minutes--then he wanted to be Superman again.

OUr TrUncK fOr TruNcK oR tReAt!


If you would like the new address please email me!


For Grandpa Rasmussen

Sorry my boys aren't big on coloring pictures--hope this brightens Grandpa's day! We love him very much!!!!!
PS-the boys picked out the paper--very indicative of their personalities--I think anyway.


The boy can eat.

Due to the terrible economy we are experiencing lately--I have been trying to think of ways to save a dollar here and there--Jimmy on any given morning can eat 2 adult sized bowls of cereal--without batting an eye--so I thought I will get him started on oatmeal--it should fill him up quicker and it's cheaper than cereal too! Well once again I have under-estimated the eating ability of our little Jimmy--3 adult sized bowls later he is finally full......but wait he has room for a banana--oh I can't wait for the teenage years--can you imagine what my grocery bill will be like then?


A couple of weeks ago we went for a hike with the boys--just a short 2.6 mile hike, to see how they were at hiking. At one point Chase decided that he was tired of hiking in the same direction as the rest of us--so Joe followed behind him for a while--and then at the right spot scared him good--hopefully that will cure his desire to hike alone for a while. On the other hand we had Jimmy who refused to let anyone walk in front of him. Bekah tried once and he quickly set her straight--"Bekah get back here NOW" and as I was trying to explain to him about being nice to Aunt Bekah--he said "there's no crying in baseball" (a phrase I admittly use sometimes ) He keeps me laughing all the time. I think they had fun but it was definitely long enough for them--we will have to wait on taking a long hike for a while yet.

Look how old Jimmy looks in this picture--I swear he could pass for 6 sometimes!


Whatcha gunna do?

Whatcha gunna do--with this cute little munchkin!!!!!!!

I went to check on the boys after they had been in bed for a while--this is how I found Jimmy--he looks so comfortable--although I don't know how he could be?



Just some fun pics of the boys at Monkey Joe's!!!



So the other day I was trying to get James to say his name correctly--he always pronounces it Janes--So after several unsuccessful attempts I said okay how bout Jimmy--He said Jimmy and I said good job--well yesterday I had forgotten about our little chat and called him James all day--then this morning we were playing where's James (one of his favorite games) when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he pokes his head out of hiding and says--"I no Janes--I Jimmy" well okay buddy......fast forward 20 minutes.........we are playing where's James--again--and I start calling "where's James--where's James" when I here a voice from hiding exclaim (in a way only James oops Jimmy can) "HEY I JIMMY NOW"

Man that kid is hilarious--he keeps me on my toes that's for sure.


Chase's sweet dance moves.

We were riding in the car the other day and Chase decided to break out into song and his sweet dance moves--luckily we got some of it on video so enjoy the fun.
Chase has really been into music lately and will suddenly burst into songs--songs that we don't listen to very often--but apparently he likes so much--that he memorizes them--for example: I don't know who sings this song or much of anything else about this song but the chorus goes--"Say what you need to say, say what you need to say" repeated a few times--Chase sings it all the time--very cute! Another is All I wanna do--by Sugarland loves the chorus of that one!!!!! It's so cute to sit in the other room and listen to him sing his songs while he plays--I love it--and we love music in our house so it's just awesome.



It seems that life is flying by so quickly. The boys continue to amaze us daily. James is getting so much better in his speech and can answer questions appropriately. Chase is also improving he too is now answering questions instead of repeating them. I took the two of them to a sporting goods store yesterday to get a rack for my bike so I can ride it to work. As we walked in James started asking for a football. Every time we turned a corner he would ask again. Finally as we were getting ready to leave he said daddy play football pease. I had to do it. So we went and found the cheapest football they had, brought it home and played catch in the living room until he got tired. It was a lot of fun. It will be great when they are old enough to go outside and throw the ball to each other. I can just see them running routes with me as the defense or preferably the quarterback, a lot less running. Something to look forward to I guess.


Frogs, Snails and puppy dog tails............

Well frogs anyway--it's Joe's turn again so here it goes!

We were cleaning up the back yard the other day and I found a frog. I put it up on the deck so the boys could play with it. It was so cute to watch them try to hop after it and find it. We tried to take a video but didn't have the battery power. We'll have to make sure to keep it charged. Chase was very afraid at first but later turned into the perfect little frog. He would get down and hop just like his little froggie friend. Another cute happening last week was Thursday. I was bringing in the trash cans from the road and James wanted to help. He looked up at me and said "I hep da'ey." Since there were two cans I let him bring one back to the house. When we got back to the house I put the can I had next to the house and went to grab the other from James. He quickly told me "no I do it." He tried 2 or 3 times before finally looking up at me with a look of utter humility and said "okay Da'ey hep pease." It was the cutest little face I've ever seen and the little voice that came along with it was priceless. One of my favorite attributes that both of the boys have is their willingness to help. They usually pick up after themselves and put their toys away. They'll happily put things in the trash, which sometimes isn't the best thing. They put shoes away or put dishes in the sink. They just love to help. We couldn't ask for two better boys. They bring so much joy and laughter to our home, and they really are helpful.