Get it together

I wish I could--have pictures to post--stories to share--but yet no time/motivation lately!  I am hoping to get it together SOON!!!
Before I forget I do want to share something sweet--Jimmy is going through a phase--a phase of picking me flowers/weeds, so sweet, so thoughtful--I have petrified weeds everywhere--and they make me SMILE :]


For Chase!

Dear Chase,
      Tomorrow you turn seven!! I can't believe it! Have I told you how much I love you? Have I told you how incredible I think you are? You have the ability to make everyone smile, you are sweet, kind, caring, and oh so very thoughtful.  When one of us doesn't feel well you are the first to make sure we are all right.  You are constantly concerned with your little brother--and though you sometimes get frustrated with him you are still his very best buddy and ally. I love to hear your giggles when you play with your Dad. Even when I get a little frustrated with your obsession with calendars, schedules and menus I adore that like me you don't want to break the rules or get off the path....You are very smart and are a FABULOUS reader.  There are so many things that you are but of all things that are you my favorite is my son.  How incredibly blessed I am to have you in my life--when I see your sweet face I am reminded of the first time I saw you, you stole my heart from the get go! I can't wait to see all the things you will do, the incredible man you will become. Sometimes it scares me to think of you growing older--so I try to just treasure every minute I can!! My sweet boy Happy Birthday!
I love you love you a thousand million times love you!


For Nene

These two just don't know how to hold still--and they don't want to give me their real smiles either--they were in such a silly mood yesterday that these are the best of the pics I got and still not very good--good thing they are so good looking!!
Chase was being particularly goofy--he would be smiling perfect but as soon as the I said ok he would pull a funny face! Then he would laugh and laugh and laugh--thought you might enjoy a few of the goofies :]
And this is my fav! Love these two with all my heart!!!


So it's been a while--and I haven't taken any pictures for who knows how long--the dog is growing growing growing--she is going to be huge! 

Kids are doing well--Chase is doing awesome in the first grade and is such a good helper--always wanting to make sure all his "responsibilities" are taken care of.  Jimmy of course is Jimmy and lives to the beat of his own drum--sweet yes--full of life yes! Some days his teacher is sure he will do really well in Kindergarten and some days she isn't sure he can handle it--I won't lie it's the same for me--so next year might be very interesting. 

Life just seems to be rolling along---nothing too exciting--nothing too worrisome just life--which I have to admit is nice :)