Christmas Cookies.

My sister Amber had challenged each of us to do a baking project with our kids--letting them help. Anyone who really knows me knows that I have a hard time letting adults help me in MY kitchen. But I took the challenge and let my sis Bekah and the boys help. It was a lot of fun and a lot of mess--but aren't the best things in life always that way?


Church party and Santa fun!!!!

Last Saturday (I know I'm a week behind) was our Church Christmas Party--it was supposed to be a pj party or so I was told--but we were some of the few that actually showed up in our pj's--anyway the kids did some crafts and then it was time to eat--of course this is both Jimmy and Chase's favorite part!

Especially when they have big muffins..........

Really big muffins!!!!

Of course Jimmy and Chase's bff Caden was there--I just love how they like to hold hands! And yes James is wearing his cape--didn't you know he is "Cooperman". aka Superman for those of you who don't speak Jamesese.

And then of course there was an appearance from the big guy himself!

I wasn't entirely sure they really understood the whole Santa thing--or if they even knew who he was other than a decoration and someone Mom keeps refering to. But the moment Santa walked through the door Chase started dancing around screaming Senta Cause!! I don't know that I have seen him that excited about something before. He had a really hard time waiting in line to sit on his lap--and when he finally made it he was soooooo happy--I just love these kiddo's they are so much fun!!!



So my mom ever so lovingly pointed out that I am being quite the slacker on my blog--I admit it it has been a long and very busy month for us and I have gotten to be quite behind. I do want to share some cute pics of my kiddos--we have a little Christmas tree just for them in our family room--which they got to decorate themselves (well I put on the lights) but anyway they got to put the candy canes on it--and that is all that we put on it! They were so excited and then they were even more excited when they discovered that it was candy they could eat. And yes Chase is pantless--he was to excited to finish getting dressed after using the restroom.


I just need to do a great big huge shout out and HALLELUJAH to Jimmy who finally after months of nothing, put some pee in the potty yesterday!!!!


Sorry we are without internet for the next few days--I will post pictures of our move and of the new house too--hopefully our adoring fans won't stop checking up on us!!!