We haven't had much internet access or time this last week--and we leave in a couple of hours for home--so it will be a couple more days before I can put up a post that has much of any meaning--Wish us luck on our long long drive--and thanks UTAH, family, and friends for a great vacation.


Honey, Babe

I figured I had better document this before I forget--kids change so fast that you hardly have time to capture all the cute things they do--


Chase has taken to calling people Babe--in fact the other day he came up to my mom and said "how doin Grandma babe?" It is so funny--he also is so funny when we go shopping--for some reason shopping is one of his favorite things to do--as soon as we hit the parking lot it's--"shopping uh ah ah-- I love you shopping--shopping where are you--come on shopping" inter mixed with giggles of delight--and then another one of my favorites is in the morning first thing he always says to me is "good morming momma" How sweet is that?


Oh James--our little comedian--He has an official nick-name now--HONEY--for some reason none of us can figure out--we are all Honey now--I occasionally get Honey Momma--but for the most part everyone is honey(I think meeting so many new members of his family has him in overload--so why not just pick one name to call us all?) The other day I was sitting in the kitchen at my moms--and he peeked his head around the corner and said " Honey I wanna Coke" I about fell off my chair laughing!!!!!


Slip N' Slide

Mark and his friends decided to make a slip n' slide in the backyard--Chase and James loved it--and Mark is such a great uncle--he let them play and play and get in the way!!!!! They love their MAAAK!


It's a bird--it's a plane--no it's--


I am not sure why but James has been insisting on wearing his blanket as a cape today!!! He loves that he doesn't have to hold it on and it goes where ever he goes. I just love it--he has such a cute personality it just melts my heart to watch him play!!!! He also adores his Uncle Mark who tossed him in the air for this picture :)


A little late but Happy 4th!!!!

We had a great time on the 4th!!! First we went to a parade--I love it-- I love small town parades where they still through candy--and you know almost everyone in the parade. The kids had a great time picking up candy and waving at all the people--only draw back was how hot it was. It was fun to experience it all with some cousins--

Then we had fun playing games, making ice cream, having a huge water fight and all that fun stuff--James found it a great time to take a nap--so cute!!!!! :)

And then the grand finale to the day was supposed to be fireworks--We on the other hand didn't like the fireworks so much--so we went to bed and watched Mike Wazouski aka Monsters Inc.

PS. did I mention how grateful we are to my Grandparents for letting us use their trailor while we stay here!!!! Thanks so so much.


We are HERE!!!

Well we finally made it--we are in Utah visiting with family--here are a few pics of the boys favorite toys at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Chase loves this airplane!!

I don't blame him--it looks pretty fun to me!!!

I am not sure what is with his expression but--he was having a blast!!!!

And then there is these two--the terrible two's twosome!!!! James and Kade are only a couple of months apart--and boy do they know how to push each others buttons!!! They are either having the most fun of their lives or fighting--it can change at any given moment!!!!!!!