"Not ever never ever!" brought to you courtesy of Jimmy.

Jimmy has in the last few days decided that this is what he wants to say to pretty much everything--today's list of things Jimmy will not ever never ever do!

-hold Chase's hand
-eat at pink (Cook's cafe) and in his words "Not ever never ever eat pink--I didn't want it anyway"
-clean his room
-wash his face
-flush the toilet
-speak with his inside voice (not really sure he has one--but we try for it anyway)
-listen to mom
-eat oranges that aren't cut up
-drink milk
-go to his room
-and finally go to bed

Boy life is sure rough when you can't ever never ever do all the things your momma says to!!


And she's back!

Well after a 4-5 month hiatus she has returned--whether it's a good thing or a bad thing entirely depends on who you ask--my dear hubby loves and despises here at the same time--my kiddos think she is entirely insane but love her as well--that's right round here she is ever so lovingly referred to as--crazy NEAT freak Mandy or mommy. I don't know why she went on vacation but she did, I for one am totally embarrassed and somewhat grossed out that she left so long but boy-oh-boy am I glad she is back!

HURRAY for cleanliness and organization!!!

My poor kids however have discovered another return--one from their momma's childhood so my sweet brothers and sisters of the Barry nation--the GUNNY BAG is alive and well and residing at my house (how did that song go?) My lucky lucky kids Hee hee


Yeah Chase!!

Well Chase loves school--he loves it especially when he gets a good behavior mark--a green smiley face on his daily report--I love it too! He usually will get one or two green smilies in a week--but this week he got a green smiley EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! I couldn't be happier--he is so smart and is finally getting the whole sit still and listen part of school down. Last week we were told that he is so far ahead of his class in sight words that we would have to wait while they compile and print some more lists--he loves learning and I am ultra impressed with his reading abilities. So tonight instead of the usual starburst for a job well done I think that a trip to Brusters is in order! Hurray for Chase!!


In case we haven't told you enough or lately--we love you very much and you are amazing to us in every way! Both of you!


Non-labor day!

Yesterday we had so much fun with our georgia family--we spent the day in Atlanta--we went to the Coca-Cola museum and the Varsity (yummy but not so healthy) and then to my new favorite IKEA! We love our friends here so much they really are our family out here they are so good to us and we feel really lucky to have them in our lives and in our children's lives! How did we ever survive the year and a half that the Johnsons were gone???? So glad your finally back!

(picture bottom row left to right--Ruth, Leo or Ledo as the kids say, Kim, Jimmy, Manda, Chase. Top row left to right--James, Paige, Spencer, Jody and Joe--thanks for taking the picture Bek!)


Last week was a week full of twos--two boys--two sets of ears--two nightmares with our insurance--two bilateral ear infections--two boys to try and keep happy, medicated, hydrated, and inside as to not spread the germs. It is very exhausting trying to care for two sicky boys who both just want all mom's attention and affection! It did make for a long week and a messy house--but I am glad they are both on the mend.