Chase and I just got back from the school--he is now registered for Kindergarten--is it wrong that I am so bummed about it!?!? :(



Just a few pics from last weeks adventures.......

We packed a picnic and set out for a covered bridge--to take some engagement pictures of Bekah and Boyd--

While there Jimmy managed to get a HUGE splinter so we had to preform an extraction and bandage him up--all is well that ends well--we had a pretty good time.

And then on Saturday we decided that the time was right to trade our gas guzzlers in and get a more wallet I mean eco-friendly vehicle--we actually got a very good deal on both our trade-ins and the new car.


Good Morning!

I had such a nice morning--after Joe went to work--I got a load of wash in, did the dishes, and set the sprinklers up to water the new grass--just as I turned the water on--Chase woke up and asked for waffles for breakfast--so we made waffles together--he is such a good helper, and absolutely loves to help in the kitchen. Anyway--I have even managed to have time to get some pictures on here and post a little bit--I love it when it is barely 9 in the morning and I already feel like I've accomplished something today.

On a side note--only 2 1/2 weeks until Chase starts Kindergarten--I am feeling both excitement for him and sadness for me--I don't want him to be so big and gone to school already! But he is ready and oh so excited!! We went and did his school shopping last week--an outing that was just him and I--it was so nice to talk and find things just the two of us! I hope that we can make one on one outings less of a rarity but still just as special!


Between the 4th and family visiting--I haven't had much time for blogging--but life should settle down again soon--hopefully--then I will be able to blog pictures and stories--until then....................