A blog goal--don't keep your fingers crossed!

Inspired by many who have done this before--I am going to attempt a 365 project on this blog--which means I will try to post at least one picture a day of something that happened that day or something I am thinking about on that day! Today is a picture of our family when we went to Utah for Bekah and Boyds wedding. I am really missing being around all our family this holiday season--we love you all so much.


For my mom!

Mom says there are never any pics of me so here is one from today--just cuz you asked!


What were you thinking Santa?

Christmas Eve so peaceful, so quiet, so calm!

Everything nicely wrapped and in it's place!

Then the kiddos wake up--and all the excitement just boils out. Of course the star of the show was the bikes!(thanks Nene)

The boys were so excited about the bikes and their stockings they could hardly stand it!

Funny thing about stockings--Jimmy could not understand for the life of him--why I was being so cruel in not letting him wear it on his foot!
Chase's present from Santa--as you can tell pretty darn excited!!!

Love that face--nothing better than knowing you I mean Santa got it right!

Even warranted a couple of high fives from Dad!

Then it was Jimmy's turn--this is where the "What were you thinking Santa?" comes in--so excited to open it-----

Took this one look at it--and said "I don't wanna this"--awesome :( but Jimmy they are drums see watch--as I hurridly put the batteries in and turn it on for him to play--"no mom no drums I don't wanna DRUMS"--fantastic :(

So what do you want to play with--oh yeah the $3 stocking stuffer. Wahoo--and Merry Christmas!

At least someone wanted to play with the drums! :)


What to post--I have kinda been at a loss as to what to write about lately--don't get me wrong my boys are amazing but they are keeping me totally busy so I think maybe I will just type some things they are doing right now we will start with Chase

Chase is loving school and is doing great he is speaking better and better all the time and is learning so much. He has lots of friends in the school it is amazing to me when I walk in the school each morning there are always loads of kids I have never seen before say Oh Chase Good Morning! I mean kids in all different grades. He is such a cutie I don't blame them all for loving him! His favorite show right now is SUPER WHY on pbs.

Chase wanted to say "I need to say C H A S E chase! I want to play that computer--I need to finish homework. Say mom get off my computer--say the word off. I want play pbskids.org " Then totally distracted by a Christmas commercial. Oh he's back "play my computer, play my--mommy can I play black computer please." Now distracted by Myrtle. (Chase what do you want for Christmas?) "um I want a Transformer Games, um transformer cars, transformer transformer, transformer games, cars. Transformer yellow, green transformer, transformer red (anything else) um transformer blue!" Just a little obsessed I guess :)

Jimmy is so full of life--he has more personality than any kid I have ever met. He starts every day off by proclaiming which animal he chooses to be for the day and then insists on being called such for the remainder of the day--even his school teacher says to avoid any upset she calls him Jimmy Fox or Jimmy Frog etc etc etc. He always has everyone laughing and my new favorite thing is that he calls me Princess--love it! Princess can I have a treat! So so cute!!! Still stubborn as ever but such a cutie pie!

Jimmy wants to say "ummm what ummm a bunny ummm a giraffe ummm a lion ummmm a bird ummmm ummmmm a giraffe ummmm a tiger a dog superman ummmm super hero ummmmm Christmas socks heeee heee ummmmm a fox (followed by a repeat of all afore-mentioned) WHAT what you say a tree (me what do you want for Christmas) I want Christmas a for alligator Please please please please Mommy alligator--(is that all you want) Yep! (dang it I already finished shopping and no alligator was purchased!?!?!?!?)

Any way I love my boys Oh how happy they have made me!!