Yep that's Jimmy's head above the rest--he's getting pretty good at the football stuff--if only he would listen more closely to the coach so he wouldn't have to run!!


And so it begins----

Today was the first day of football practice for Jimmy--I took some before and after shots at home--but I really should of had my camera at the practice--4 yr olds are fun to watch!  I can only imagine the games--so cute running up and down the field and imitating the older boys!!  There will be plenty of posts about football this fall--we can't wait and he is having a blast! I am sure he will be worn out though 2 hr practices 4 days a week! 

Chase is debating between a couple different sports: tennis, karate, golf, and gymnastics--he really wants to do gymnastics--and I think he would be good at it--it just so happens to be the most expensive option--question is does the cost out weigh his desire? Jury is still out on that one!


Jimmy's First Day of School

 Well I took Jimmy for his first day today--only to find out his first day was yesterday--he will be going to school M-W-F instead of T-W-T like last year--his teacher let him stay today just until 11 (that's when her tues-thurs class leaves) I felt completely stupid and embarrassed but oh well!!!!  He is such a cutie--a little crazy--but a cutie!!


First day of First Grade

Can't time slow down just a little--1st Grade I can't believe it!
He is so so so excited to be back at school--I hope he always enjoys going to school this much it makes it a little easier on me.  He did tell me as I was leaving his classroom "I will miss you mom" ---I will miss you too Chaser Racer!


Feeling Guilty

I am feeling so guilty for my lack of posts lately--so here's to more posting--hope it works out?

School starts next week and we haven't even been to the beach this summer--one quick trip to Utah then the craziness of July took over!?!  Our lives seem to be one busy week after another and we are definitely feeling the effects of it...Joe's job is busy and demanding and I feel like I have to make up the slack at home so we all feel a bit overwhelmed.  Our boys are both so good they help out with what ever we ask and seem to be the happiest when they are helping.  Jimmy is quite the comedian and Chase is so sweet and thoughtful--always ready with hugs kisses and I love you's--right when we need them...how did we get so lucky?

Some recent facts about Chase--

Favorite Food--Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Color--Grey
Favorite TV Character--Transformers
Favorite Saying--Yes! and Can I go with....? (whom ever happens to be around--loves new adventures!)
Favorite Friend--Dad and Jodi
Likes to Play--Legos
Likes to Go--melt my heart he said "with you"
Excited for--Dad to come home (really melts my heart)
He wishes to say-- "ummm umm who sees grandma--that's it!"

Recent Facts about Jimmy

Favorite Food--Grapes purple ones

Favorite Color--Purple and Blue
Favorite TV Character--Dragons and Marmaduke
Favorite Saying--"That's not my favorite to do"  or "That IS my favorite to do" (depends on what we are doing--go figure) although I hear him say "you have underwear in your pants"......all the time followed by mass amounts of laughter!
Favorite Friend--Katie
Likes to Play--with bugs
Likes to Go--"in utalk with Grandma's"
Excited for--"school school school"
He wishes to say-- "say ummm tiger umm ummm I said utalk ummmm ummm ooda hoop"