Before I forget--

I better put this down
Jimmy--This is my favorite face (pointing to himself WITH sunglasses on)
Joe--I like that face too!
Jimmy--I want this face everyday, not at church, at home, at school.......
Me--nope you can't have sunglasses at school.
Jimmy--If I don't wear these then I'm gonna pick-up wood chips and puttem' in my eyes--what you think? (this said pretty darn sassy)
Me--You can't have sunglasses at school it's against the rules.
Jimmy--Well, then I guess I will have wood chips in my eye! (in the I'm giving you fair warning voice)

Me--Jimmy you need to put socks on with your shoes!
Jimmy--I don't want socks
Me--you need socks, your feet will stink if you don't wear socks.
Jimmy--Well, then I think my socks don't feel good--they need to stay in my dresser and rest--what do you think?



Part Two

Cupcakes with Jimmy's class--he was so excited!!  I know you don't see any other kids-- half were still sleeping from quite time and the others weren't into cupcakes--but as long as Jimmy didn't mind, neither do I!
Can't expect much from a class of 5?!? Love his teacher Miss H she has been so great with Jimmy!
She even bought him a little gift! Hot Pink Hot Wheels--he couldn't ask for anything better!!

Part One

We woke up had waffles, got dressed, and looked at presents--we don't open presents until the evening (am I mean?)

But Saturday both boys got new school shoes--I can't keep up with them sometimes so I got Chase to be in a couple of shots for that!  Look for more posts throughout the day!


The Stage is set!

What a cutie pie all dressed for church--
Love his so much--there would be pictures of two cutie pies but Chase has been refusing to have his picture taken for a couple of weeks now--he's kinda of in an ornery stage of life right now! Anywho they both looked incredibly handsome for church today.
Had to pick my battles this morning--he insisted on wearing his rain boots.  

**small disclaimer...by the time we left for church Jimmy was no longer wearing his tie, his shirt was partially unbuttoned, and his pants were stuffed inside his boots...but at least I captured these handsome shots.

And the stage is set for Jimmy's 5th birthday tomorrow...I can't believe he is that old?!? 


Just a little warning.....

You may call me crazy--but I've got another blog--look at it if you want--comment if you want--really doesn't matter, I've just got some stuff on my mind and feel like sharing it.  Find it here--you've been warned!



 Just a few pictures of our cuties!
 Yes we take the easy way out with pumpkins :)
 Rhino pumpkin.
 Tiger Jimmy--who mostly meowed and hissed--terribly cute!
 Next our cute "little critter"(from the books by Mercer Mayer)
 Yes I know he looks more like a scarecrow and less like a furry little critter but shhh don't tell he gets very upset. I guess that is all that matters he believes he looks like little critter so he does.