what's in a motto?

Our Family has a motto--we have been trying to decide on one for about a year now! About two months ago we finally found the perfect one for us--"Work hard so we can play hard"  the boys know it--they love it--I love it--Joe loves it--it's an all around hit! 
I don't know why we felt like we needed a motto but now that we have one I can honestly say it changes just about everything for us!


And here is proof that I exist and I do work hard---and play hard!


Before I forget--

I better put this down
Jimmy--This is my favorite face (pointing to himself WITH sunglasses on)
Joe--I like that face too!
Jimmy--I want this face everyday, not at church, at home, at school.......
Me--nope you can't have sunglasses at school.
Jimmy--If I don't wear these then I'm gonna pick-up wood chips and puttem' in my eyes--what you think? (this said pretty darn sassy)
Me--You can't have sunglasses at school it's against the rules.
Jimmy--Well, then I guess I will have wood chips in my eye! (in the I'm giving you fair warning voice)

Me--Jimmy you need to put socks on with your shoes!
Jimmy--I don't want socks
Me--you need socks, your feet will stink if you don't wear socks.
Jimmy--Well, then I think my socks don't feel good--they need to stay in my dresser and rest--what do you think?



Part Two

Cupcakes with Jimmy's class--he was so excited!!  I know you don't see any other kids-- half were still sleeping from quite time and the others weren't into cupcakes--but as long as Jimmy didn't mind, neither do I!
Can't expect much from a class of 5?!? Love his teacher Miss H she has been so great with Jimmy!
She even bought him a little gift! Hot Pink Hot Wheels--he couldn't ask for anything better!!

Part One

We woke up had waffles, got dressed, and looked at presents--we don't open presents until the evening (am I mean?)

But Saturday both boys got new school shoes--I can't keep up with them sometimes so I got Chase to be in a couple of shots for that!  Look for more posts throughout the day!


The Stage is set!

What a cutie pie all dressed for church--
Love his so much--there would be pictures of two cutie pies but Chase has been refusing to have his picture taken for a couple of weeks now--he's kinda of in an ornery stage of life right now! Anywho they both looked incredibly handsome for church today.
Had to pick my battles this morning--he insisted on wearing his rain boots.  

**small disclaimer...by the time we left for church Jimmy was no longer wearing his tie, his shirt was partially unbuttoned, and his pants were stuffed inside his boots...but at least I captured these handsome shots.

And the stage is set for Jimmy's 5th birthday tomorrow...I can't believe he is that old?!? 


Just a little warning.....

You may call me crazy--but I've got another blog--look at it if you want--comment if you want--really doesn't matter, I've just got some stuff on my mind and feel like sharing it.  Find it here--you've been warned!



 Just a few pictures of our cuties!
 Yes we take the easy way out with pumpkins :)
 Rhino pumpkin.
 Tiger Jimmy--who mostly meowed and hissed--terribly cute!
 Next our cute "little critter"(from the books by Mercer Mayer)
 Yes I know he looks more like a scarecrow and less like a furry little critter but shhh don't tell he gets very upset. I guess that is all that matters he believes he looks like little critter so he does.


For your listening pleasure!

You would think that he is waiting for me to tell him what's next but since I don't know the song--well now I do, but I didn't teach it to him--he is simply trying to remember.  Not his best performance of this song but he is such a show-off in front of the camera he is trying to come up with something crazy to do--you can see it in his eyes!


Better late then never......

Over labor day weekend we went on a camping trip--4days! We had an absolute blast and the boys loved it.  We have stayed in the trailer several times--but always down in Florida by the beach--this time we went "real" camping.  Our site was right on the lake and perfect for just jumping in and swimming! I unfortunately forgot my swimming suit--me of all people :(  Campfires, dirt, dutch oven, lakes--perfection!!  Absolutely perfect!

In other news--big changes on the horizon for our little family--more details as they become more solid!


Here's the video!

Sorry about the camera work--new camera--first time user--actually first time ever using a video camera--hopefully I will get better.  And all you Walkers should be so proud--an escort back on to the field by the ref's what a refreshing change for our family!


The Game

Jimmy's first game was Saturday!  It was so hot but he seemed to have a great time--who doesn't love a win!
I have some video of the game but blogger is taking FOREVER-so I will post later.


Jimmy's First Taste of Fame!

Yesterday they had a pep-rally for football--their first game is Saturday.  Jimmy loved it--as you can imagine--that boy doesn't have a shy bone in his body. 
If football doesn't work for him--we now know he could take up a career in dancing--especially if he uses his SWEET robot moves!



August 28th we decided to go hiking--haven't been in a long time and it was fun--it was a 3 mile hike and the kids both did really well--I love family outings :)

Crazy Jimmy

And here's your proof!!
Just being Jimmy!
Mullet Jimmy!

Showing off first football injury!
(Got kicked in the eye doing up downs) 
got up brushed himself off and kept going

The kid keeps me laughing that's for certain!