Miss Ollie

Miss Ollie turns 4 months old this weekend! That means she still has about 8 months of growing left to do........YIKES!



Okay okay okay--I guess I should get back on the blogging wagon!  Two weekends ago we went to the beach--it was so much fun--but silly me didn't sun screen and I was SO SO sunburned!!!  In fact I am still peeling YUCK!   The boys of course had a blast!  They are so cute!!!!


Chase's Birthday

Chase had such a good birthday! Not only was it his birthday but it was also his first day of soccer!! One draw back to the day--he was not feeling well--stayed home from school! I probably shouldn't of let him go to soccer but he was so very excited and it was his birthday so I let him go.  He is such a good boy--we all love him very much.