Chase turns 10 today!

What a day--Joe and I feel absolutely too young to have a 10 year old--He is AMAZING!!! We love him so much. His birthday wishes were for a flash drive and a lock box--I think to hide things from his brother!! He is incredibly kind, good, funny, and smart.  He loves to research things and get to know all the interesting facts about--well--pretty much anything.  Yesterday he and his brother were having a wrestling match--I have never seen him so into something--they were both giggling so much!! This boy has an incredible testimony of his Savior Jesus Christ--he loves going to church! And even if he is bossy and a miser with money--he is such pure sunshine. 

Chase wanted to write a letter to you Jewel--he wouldn't even let me help him type it! We always think of you--especially on the boys birthdays! Words cannot, nor ever will, express our gratitude and admiration for you. We hope we are living up to who you wanted us to be. 
We love you always, 
Amanda and Joe

Dear Jewel,

Today I'm 10! I just got a bunch of presents! Like a chemistry kit, and my very own Flash Drive!
It has been years since we last saw each face-to-face but it's good to image each of us seeing each
other. So far I had lots of fun with my "new" parents Well I even got a lock box! I'm having fun
Being a Keddington . So aren't you glad I'm with other nice people. I'm a 4th grader in
South Summit Elementary School. My teacher is Mrs. Marchant , she's  Strict but pretty nice.
She's #1!

Love, your Old son CHASE

P.S. I love you!