For Grandpa Rasmussen

Sorry my boys aren't big on coloring pictures--hope this brightens Grandpa's day! We love him very much!!!!!
PS-the boys picked out the paper--very indicative of their personalities--I think anyway.


The boy can eat.

Due to the terrible economy we are experiencing lately--I have been trying to think of ways to save a dollar here and there--Jimmy on any given morning can eat 2 adult sized bowls of cereal--without batting an eye--so I thought I will get him started on oatmeal--it should fill him up quicker and it's cheaper than cereal too! Well once again I have under-estimated the eating ability of our little Jimmy--3 adult sized bowls later he is finally full......but wait he has room for a banana--oh I can't wait for the teenage years--can you imagine what my grocery bill will be like then?


A couple of weeks ago we went for a hike with the boys--just a short 2.6 mile hike, to see how they were at hiking. At one point Chase decided that he was tired of hiking in the same direction as the rest of us--so Joe followed behind him for a while--and then at the right spot scared him good--hopefully that will cure his desire to hike alone for a while. On the other hand we had Jimmy who refused to let anyone walk in front of him. Bekah tried once and he quickly set her straight--"Bekah get back here NOW" and as I was trying to explain to him about being nice to Aunt Bekah--he said "there's no crying in baseball" (a phrase I admittly use sometimes ) He keeps me laughing all the time. I think they had fun but it was definitely long enough for them--we will have to wait on taking a long hike for a while yet.

Look how old Jimmy looks in this picture--I swear he could pass for 6 sometimes!


Whatcha gunna do?

Whatcha gunna do--with this cute little munchkin!!!!!!!

I went to check on the boys after they had been in bed for a while--this is how I found Jimmy--he looks so comfortable--although I don't know how he could be?