Well we are "home" in Indiana--living it up in a small hotel room--doing the homeschool thing--I am so happy to be together as a family--even though these aren't ideal circumstances.  Jimmy pleads to swim--everyday. Chase would be happy to watch food network--all day.  Me--I just wish that we could be settled already!  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I am not sure that is in the cards for Joe and I--we always seem to be on the edge of something changing--jobs, houses, kids, dogs, etc...  I look at the farms that we are surrounded by now and I wonder/envy their lifestyle. 

Have I ever mentioned that I want a farm--not a big farm, but a farm that we can sustain ourselves by--raise some piggies and chickens--have a massive garden--hang my laundry out to dry--can my own produce--share with my neighbors--sort of farm.  I want my kids to learn the value of hard work, dedication, and reward that I think a farm would provide.  It all seems ideal--doesn't it! But we have to pay the bills and stick with what we have got--for now--come what may--we can face it together.......and the boys can have their daddy, who they missed more than anything!


Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving with some friends this year--I only took a couple of pics!

Jimmy's 6th Birthday!

Jimmy's 6th Birthday--November 15, 2011



I have lost my camera charger! I can't find it any where! So no new pics to share--we have been keeping super busy around here--Joe still in Indiana--me and the kids here :[

But we have made some decisions in the last week that will change all that! Last week I started home schooling the boys--something I NEVER thought I would do--and the boys L.O.V.E. it--and shockingly enough so do I! 

So I am going to spend the next week or so preparing the house for us to be--together--not here--should be a fun adventure--RIGHT?