For your listening pleasure!

You would think that he is waiting for me to tell him what's next but since I don't know the song--well now I do, but I didn't teach it to him--he is simply trying to remember.  Not his best performance of this song but he is such a show-off in front of the camera he is trying to come up with something crazy to do--you can see it in his eyes!


Better late then never......

Over labor day weekend we went on a camping trip--4days! We had an absolute blast and the boys loved it.  We have stayed in the trailer several times--but always down in Florida by the beach--this time we went "real" camping.  Our site was right on the lake and perfect for just jumping in and swimming! I unfortunately forgot my swimming suit--me of all people :(  Campfires, dirt, dutch oven, lakes--perfection!!  Absolutely perfect!

In other news--big changes on the horizon for our little family--more details as they become more solid!