Christmas 2011--Holiday Inn Columbus, Indiana

Pictures will have to do for now! I have a couple of videos but they will have to wait until we get back to Georgia--it's been a great day so far :] Merry Christmas!
I forgot my charger for my good camera--I took these with the video camera not the best--but good enough.



I dropped that same sweet guy back at the airport this morning--he's already in Indiana--it was a fun week--although we spent 4 of the 7 days sick between the 4 of us! We miss him already--luckily it isn't long before we head up there for a long stay! All this back and forth---it's getting OLD. 



We picked up this guy from the airport!!!!
HOORAY--surprise trip home for a WEEK--we are all so so so excited--and blessed! 



So tonight for fun------------------------------------I made sure the kids were in bed early!!!!!-------------we have got some serious ATTITUDE going on in this house-------------a good nights sleep should do the trick-------Tune in tomorrow for the best most fun we have had so far :]



So every Wednesday I leave my house at about 6:30 to go to the church and work with the Young Women--(ladies 12-18)--I have been doing this for a number of years[we are talking almost a decade]--Love it--hard for me right now in our current circumstances absolutely--but TOTALLY worth it--Grandma Annette [as the kiddos call her] comes over every Wednesday and hangs out so I can go kid free--such a HUGE blessing to have her in our lives.

--Anywho that didn't leave us much time to do our something fun--but we did spend about an hour watching this--we are all obsessed with this show--and now Netflix has 4 seasons--can't get enough.  I have to be careful I could watch it all day!



So tonight Mommy got out of the house--Christmas Dinner with the Ladies from church--a much needed and appreciated night out! I am sure the boys had a great time with Emma :]


Fun gone wrong--turned oh so perfect!

So tonight for fun we decided to get the train down from the attic to put around the tree--got the track repaired put the train on and it was B-U-S-T-E-D! OH the sad faces--we were all bummed--so we ventured out to find a new one--well to make a long story short we found trains they were mucho denero--we are really trying to teach the boys and ourselves how to be smarter with our money--so right there in the store we put it to a vote--we had 2 choices; 1 NO train--2 the old wood train from Chase's toybox.  I am so proud of my boys--of course they both voted for the wood train--AND we left the store without even one whine complaint or tear.  See I told you it ended perfect :]


December 4

Tonight we are taking blankets and candy canes and going to the church to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  One of my favorite things about the Christmas season!


December 3

Tonight was board games and banana splits! Loved it!!


December 2

Tonight we went to McDonald's and I let them play on the forbidden playground--not so fun for me but they had a BLAST!


Well Hello

I have decided that the kids and I are doing something fun every night this month--because

1-I am trying desperately to get in the Holiday spirit
2-I love these kiddo's and I want them to have good experiences and memories
3-Let's face it life in the Keddington household is not exactly fun right now--Dad is still in Indiana and we get to see him very little--the house is still for sale--my sister moved back to Utah--yada yada yada.....

So to start things off today we made GIANT cupcakes--I actually let them help (a BIG deal for me) and it was a great time!  To make them even better we frosted them with this deliciousness.  UMMMM!


I never want to forget this.............................

Shopping at walmart the other day--we are headed out the door--Jimmy stops, raises his hands in front of him--then slowly spreads his hands apart--the automatic heavy doors slowly open--Jimmy says "the force"--I tell him he's my hero, and what would I do without him--he says "yeah, I only use it at the grocery store"   :] Happy Friday Y'all!



September has not been my favorite.  We have had a few changes around here--and sad to say not to many of them are fun.  We are 1. trying to sell this stinkin beautiful fabulous home. 2. trying to keep a "normal" routine since Joe's job moved to INDIANA--yes that right Joe now works in Indiana--he was gone for a couple of weeks and home for a few days and is now back in Indiana (this craziness will be happening for the next 5 months at least--after which who knows what will be happening.  3. new calling for me at church that keeps me super busy 4. I keep accidentally almost killing the new grass in the backyard (this is the bane of my existence right now!) 5. guilt over this blog..at least I can do something about that. While Joe was home last week we decided, well Chase decided, we needed to go bowling! Their mean parents have never taken them.So off we went--had a GREAT time--here are the pics :]


School 2011

 2nd Grade--2011
 Can't believe I have two all day schoolers! What will I do with the time?


we be jammin'

Monday I decided to get started on the canning season--which I L.O.V.E.--something about preserving food makes me feel very accomplished.  I can't wait to do more--I have lots of ideas to try this year.  But mostly I am excited to have more apple butter--we ran out months ago--and store bought is just plain gross!  But we will have to wait until the true apple season.  Any way back to Monday--we made strawberry jam--we as in my sweet boys and me.  So So Yummy!! (the boys and the jam)

Me lookin' sassy in my canning apron :]

We tied some raffia on a few and delivered them to our Georgia "family"

and if that wasn't enough--I did a dryer full of banana chips--really good and the kids actually like them...A LOT!



Note the accessories :]


 Apparently I don't make cake very often--mid many a question of who's birthday it was--or is it Christmas--I made cake today! The boys loved it they are so crazy--great way to spend a lazy very rainy Saturday eating cake and watching Mythbusters :]

{well in their world it would be better if the cake could explode like everything on Mythbusters}

Jimmy's self portrait :] complete with chocolate mustache.