Where a kid can be a kid!

For so long we have avoided this place--not wanting to partake in the chaos--the noise--the games--but alas we finally caved--and of course had a BLAST!!!!!
And no that is not me behind Chase, just some random lady :(



Just some cute boys in boots :)


What in world will he come up with next?

 So this morning Jimmy comes CRAWLING into our room-he says his foot hurts, but was willing to go back to bed--later on he comes hopping out of his room and refuses to put any pressure on his left foot-so I asked him what happened-he said "I was racing in the night and Chic crashed inna me nike da King and it hurt!"  I said what and he repeated the same story, then Joe stopped by on a break from work and he repeated the story-three hours later he still won't put any pressure on his foot-so we head to the doctor office-where he repeats the same "Chic" story--oh boy what are we gonna do with him-they x-rayed his foot and it looks fine so he just needs to take it easy for a while (the doctor said a week-but have you ever tried to keep a four year old calm for even five minutes let alone a week) so we will keep our eye on it and hopefully it feels better soon-and maybe just maybe we will find out what actually happened!?!?!?


Toothless Wonder!

I can't believe it-Chase finally lost his first tooth-I also don't know why he wouldn't open his eyes for the pictures-


Friday April 9, 2010

Today we had a great time at the Georgia Aquarium-we went up to Atlanta last night and stayed at a hotel-went swimming and stayed up late-this morning we woke up and headed to the aquarium-Chase liked it okay but crowds are hard on him, he found great pleasure in reading and being the keeper of the map-Jimmy on the other hand was on cloud nine-he loves animals of all kinds and was so curious about all the fish and sea creatures! We did discover though that he is frightened of and does not wish to look at anything that is bigger than he is! Good thing he is big and most of the creatures were smaller than him-but the whale sharks and the beluga whales were not his favorite exhibits. He could stand there just looking for what seemed like forever! It was lots of fun! I took lots of pics but here are a few of my favs. (and one just for my mom- JELLIES!!) After the aquarium we took Daddy/Joe to the airport-he had to head to Utah for his Guard Drill-glad he is only gone til Sunday! It was a fun family day-glad we did it!


You know

Your a mom of boys when you unload the dryer only to discover--2 twigs, 2 rocks, and a rubber mouse! oh-fun!


Dear Utah family and friends,

I have heard that it has been snowing for the past few days--and I feel terrible for you, cold wet yucky weather, so I thought maybe the following images would warm you up...............................................

or did it just make you colder?!?
Oops ;)

Love to all,
The Keddington's

We figure if y'all get cold enough you might come visit :)
Did I mention these were taken today!!



Today was one of those surprising days-a day spent with my cute little family-this morning I decided to finally go get a new prescription for my contacts-so I set off by MYSELF which is a rarity any more-got a new but really same prescription and some new contacts and headed home to listen to General Conference-
when I got home I found my adorable husband had mowed the lawn, did the dishes, started the laundry, had the boys cleaning their rooms and was picking up the rest of the house. All to often I pick on him for his lack of help and cleanliness but today I was humbled and grateful for such a wonderful man to call my husband--he amazes me.
After the first session of conference we took our kids to see where Leo is buried and had some great conversations with them about the gospel and what happens to us after we are gone--it surprised me how much they understand and how simple and glorious the plan of salvation is-my heart is full
I love my little family-I love my Georgia family! And I love all my family!