Who wants pieces?

One of my favorite movies maybe my #1 is While You Were Sleeping, with Sandra Bullock. I love that movie for oh so many reasons but one of my favorite scenes is when they are all sitting down eating--and everyone is spouting off random things. I love it, makes me laugh every time--well lunch at our house is kinda that way.  Jimmy was well into his I loves  "I love noodles" "I love watermelon" "I love movies" "I love dragons" etc. etc.  Chase was mumbling about sticky seeds and the matching game, Joe and I were in shock and awe as Chase was actually eating watermelon, we were also reminiscing about him eating broccoli last week...then Jimmy shouts out "you wanna piece of me FOLKS" Joe and I just laughed and laughed--and told him the same thing we always do "I don't wanna piece I want the whole thing!" 

And that's just it together we have the whole thing and I couldn't love them all more!!


Hard to write.........

I have been having the hardest time trying to write about my trip to Utah--partly because I have been so busy getting things put back to "normal" but mostly because I have been missing someone and I'm still not so sure I can write about it, but maybe it will do me some good I don't know.  Just as we crossed the border into Utah I received a phone call telling me my dearly loved Uncle RJ had passed away--I was heart broken to say the least I still can hardly think about it--it hurts so! I hurt for his family, I hurt for my Dad, I hurt for my Grandparents, and I hurt for me! 
 At his viewing they had a place to write down memories and I just couldn't bring myself to write down just one so I just wrote down a general idea--but since then I have been pressed to share one particular memory--I don't even remember how old I was 11 or 12 but I was going with RJ, Kathie, and Shery to St. George for a few days (now I may get some of the details wrong but it was a while ago) and the day we were to leave Aunt Kathie had been vacuuming out the car and somehow lost the diamond to her ring, she was obviously upset about it and we looked and looked and looked but didn't find it--we went on our trip and when we got to St. George I remember how important it was to RJ to get Kathie a ring we went to a store (I think it was a southwestern gift shop) and he had her pick out a ring she had to have a ring--I remember thinking that when I grew up I want a man who would care that much about me that he wouldn't be mad about the ring he would just want to make sure I had one.  I don't remember what ring she picked out--or even if she did but I do remember how special I thought it was--but mostly I remember how special I felt when Shery and I got to pick out rings too! How I wish I could find it now.
 Uncle RJ was always trying to get me to break out of my shell--trying to help me realize I was braver than I thought, stronger than I thought, I think he made everyone feel that way like we were really special and important not just in general but that we were special and important to him. I love him dearly........and miss him so much.

Rex J Walker 1951 ~ 2010 Rex J Walker, 58, of Pleasant Grove tragically passed away Thursday, May 20, 2010 from a fall while working at Timpanogos Cave. He died in the mountains where he loved to be. Rex was born May 30, 1951 in Coalville to Rex B and Margaret Stark Walker. He married Kathleen Hansen on August 7, 1970 and they were sealed for time and all eternity in the Manti Temple. Rex is survived by his wife Kathie of Pleasant Grove; four children: Jennifer (Mike) Bascom, Pleasant Grove; Lauresa (Brandon) Peterson, Grantsville; Jimmy Dan (Natalie) Walker, Monticello and Sherylen (Quin) Wilkerson, American Fork; 15 grandchildren; parents; siblings: Carolyn Winterton, Cheryl Hughett, Barry Walker, and Garry Walker.


Pre-trip happenings!

I guess before I post about our trip to Utah I will post some happenings from just before we left!

I had a great "girls night" while Joe took the boys to a father and son campout--Ruth, her girls, Kim, Janice and I participated in Columbus' Relay for Life--we had some tears but also a lot of fun!! The boys and Joe had fun too-but there are no pictures of them.

Then we also had Chase's Kindergarten "graduation" it was a lot of fun and so cute--he was given the award of "Top Reader" in his class!  Everyone just loved our Chase--we are grateful to his teachers they worked so hard for our Chase he is so amazing!!