Our friend....

Leo Connell Lewis II

Leo Connell Lewis II February 24, 1960 - March 28, 2010 COLUMBUS, GA— Leo Connell Lewis II, of Columbus passed away Sunday, March 28 , 2010 surrounded by family and friends. He was born in Orleans, France on February 24, 1960, he was 50 years old. Leo was the owner of Alert One Security. Leo lived a full life and leaves behind a beautiful family and many wonderful friends. Leo loved people and had the ability to always draw the best out of them. Leo was always cheerful and happy, even throughout his battle with cancer. He fought valiantly to have more time with his family and friends. Leo was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and held the office of High Priest. He loved and served the Lord. He showed this everyday through his example of kindness, caring and giving to others. Leo gave many years of service to the Columbus Youth Soccer Association. He coached soccer for 20 years and served on the soccer board in many positions. For his dedication to the youth, a soccer field located at Woodruff Farm Road was named in his honor. He leaves behind his wife Lisa Kim Owens Lewis whom he referred to as the queen; two sons and one daughter, Jesse Thomas Lewis, Bradley Adam Lewis and Jenna Blair Lewis; his mother, Orebelle Rousseau Lewis; brother, Dennis Michael Lewis; and his sister, Lisa Carmen Mack all of Phenix City, AL. Leo was preceded in death by his father Leo Connell Lewis.

Normally on this blog I keep things up-beat...but this past Sunday a very dear friend of ours passed away...Leo was diagnosed with cancer just after we got home from Hawaii with the boys...he fought long and hard for the past 2 years and our boys loved him immensely....Ledo as they lovingly referred to him was their closest "Grandpa" he played with them, teased them, taught them, and un-conditionally loved them. I know that even though we may not officially be family he has played a huge part in the life of OUR little family and will be and already is tremendously missed...Love you Ledo!


Somethings just take you right back to being a kid--for me Easter cupcakes always do-shakin' the coconut-frosting the cupcakes-dippin' um in "the grass"-and then jellybeans (when I was a kid we used hummingbird eggs but I couldn't find any, guess they don't make them any more ) It was fun to make them with the boys-hopefully it will be a good memory for them too!


Quote or twoish of the day!


"I an a booger in the cars nose!"

"Hey who's that mom?" (me) That's Elder Bednar one of the twelve apostles. "Oh I'm one of 5 knights"

and his new all time favorite



"I said it's time to do what I say"

"You not supposed to go mom--you suppose to stay home with kids"

"Mom what you doin? Mom you write upper case m mom?"

and his all time fav

"Mom it's my turn to play on computer"


The random and not so random sayings of Jimmy...........

imagine if you will all of these said as loudly as possible and always at the most in-appropriate times, coupled with a mom who is extremely shy and goes extremely red in the face at even the slightest hint of embarrassment, this kid is great!

"Hey Dad, where's your life" (as well I should be your life and your wife :])

"My Grainma says I can't skate"(even though that is all he has talked about doing since he saw the speed skating in the Olympics?)

"My brudder doesn't like deese" (in other words, I want it but Chase won't fork it over)

"I didn't do it" (which is a sure sign that he did)

"Hey Hey I nike apples and beenanas and chips and yogurt and cars and dinosaurs and you" (melts my heart)

"Hey Hey nook at me I not in school, Chase in school, and Daddy at work and mom in the store aaa buy me treats and prizes and chips and drinks please please please" (the store clerks always look at me like how can you say no to that)

"hey hey what's your name" (anyone, anywhere, anytime?)

"I nike schwimmin" (so do I buddy, so do I)

"hey mom, I be a screwbadriver when I grow up" (scuba diver, add the facial expressions with this one and I giggle every time)

I have started introducing him as "the announcer" as he will repeat anything I may (or may not?) say! (oh boy we might be in trouble with this one)


Chase's 6th Birthday!!

Chase had a fantastic birthday-full of cake, presents and fun. Tuesday night Joe and I blew up a bunch of balloons and put them in Chase's room--I really wanted to get some pictures of when he first woke up but he beat Joe and I to the punch and when Joe came out in the morning Chase popped up from the back of the chair and shouted-"hey Dad it's my BIRTHDAY"- he has been on the count down for weeks now so finally he could let all that pent up energy out! He got to see his stash of presents but we are mean parents and don't open presents until the evening--He did get excited about taking treats to his class--I wish I could have gone to take some pics during his lunch time and watch him pass out his treats but his lunch is right during the time I pick Jimmy up from school so no pics of that either :( so I just took a pic of him scarfing down the extra cake when he got home--Well he patiently waited until Joe got home from work and then it was present time--he is such a crazy kid and as always the most excited about the thing that costs the least--that's right next year I need to remember that he is totally okay with just getting cards--he likes the other stuff but I find him in his room just reading his cards over and over again--even now a week later! That kid just loves to read. After presents it was time to head over to Stevie B's Pizza--we met up with the Johnsons and had a little party--ate pizza--sang Happy Birthday (loud and horrible but very funny) and they had brought Chase a couple presents and of course a card his fav. Then it was home again to play with his new Wii game--well I'm not exactly sure who played more Chase or his Dad :)What a great day-we are so proud of you Chase-you are simply amazing!!


Waterfall+Rain+Stairs+Sick=F.U.N. (right)


Saturday we decided to go on a little adventure--so we headed to North Georgia to the base of the Appalachian Trail to Amicalla Falls (?) it was a little drizzley but we decided to venture out anyway--we being the smart and ever prepared parents thought "wouldn't it be cool to start at the top of the waterfall and work our way down to the bottom" we even averted our eyes from the sign that stated how MANY stairs we would have to go down before we reached the bottom (not to mention that every step you go down you must also go up again) Going down was great we were racing and laughing and counting and just having a great time. We even stopped for lots of pictures to which Jimmy DID NOT want his picture taken AT ALL--the only good one we got was this
You see all these pictures were taken on the way down or at the bottom--there will be no revealing of the pictures on the way up or when we finished--you see nobody looks there best when they have just finished hiking over 1000 stairs--1/4 of which included two very cute 40-50 lbs back packs!

see I told you we were S M A R T! Did I forget to mention the sick part--yeah half way up the stairs--while riding on Joe's shoulders--Chase decided to throw-up! So of course Joe started gagging--yummy!



Okay so it's been way too long since I have been on here--sometimes life just gets really messy and this is what gets cut out--anyway--a few funny things the boys have been up to lately

Jimmy is completely fascinated with pretending he is either an animal living in a cave (did you know that gorillas, rhinos, and dinosaurs all live in caves? usually the same one at the same time--scary) or he is an astronaut in a rocket ship--it's very cute and I love his imagination!

Chase is all about spelling--everything--everywhere! Really spends most of the time shocking Joe and I by how incredibly smart he is--he never ceases to amaze us! He has almost reached 200 sight words (requirement for kindergarten 50 his class was aiming for 100) He loves counting money and telling you how much coins are worth--just a regular show off!

(just a pic of what we did on Valentines day--home sick and shmuggling!)