Labor Day Weekend!

Or should I say Lagoon Weekend--we had a very generous friend give us four tickets to Lagoon so we went on Saturday and had the best time! The boys are so so much braver than when we took them to Disney World several years ago--and I was brave too and rode a ride that I have been scared of since I was 11 or 12!! We really had such a great day--no whining or fighting it was beautiful!

Then on Monday--Joe's sister offer three tickets to Lagoon for the boys and Joey--they had so much fun on Saturday that they could not pass up the opportunity to again! Thanks for the great day Enoch, Ethan, and Owen!
I spent Labor Day up in Kamas at my parents--I needed to return the smoker we borrowed and stayed to help my mom can green beans and played croquette with my sister and her husband--SUPER good time--we spent a lot of time laughing :)

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Jewel Ross said...

Looks like so much fun. Love and miss you guys.