First Field Trip of the Year

Our first field trip was to the Utah State Capitol and Monument Park. My sister Amber and her family are also Homeschoolers so we went together!
It was such a fun trip--sure my kids were a little grumpy and FULL of interesting comments--but still fun!
We had a picnic lunch and walked around the park looking at all the monuments--Chase kept saying "What is the point of War" and "This is just a waste of our useless time"--(I thought it was a great use of our useless time) After Chase kept repeating these statements and arguing with our explanations of the different wars James finally said--"Chase the point of war is to brighten the soldiers spirits"--Oh dear do we have learning to do about Wars--I am slightly embarrassed that this is the impression they both have of War and Soldiers :/

Then off to the Capitol and AC--the building was beautiful and timeless--I haven't been there for about 20 years--and it was just as I remembered it!

Some pictures-----

Now this final picture is for James--who very loudly, in a building that echoes for days, with tourists standing right next to us--wants to know why lawmakers have "naked people by their clock"--"I mean do they like staring at naked people all day?" He's the best!!


Amber said...

It was totally fun.

Amber said...

It was totally fun